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Boku No Dokuhime Wa Kyou Mo Kawaii CHAPTER LIST
  • Boku No Dokuhime Wa Kyou Mo Kawaii

    Alternative : My Poison Princess Is Still Cute Today ; ぼくの毒姫は今日もかわいい ; 我的毒姬今天也很可愛

  • Author(s) : Sakutake Chihiro
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Sep-23-2023 21:09:09 PM
  • TransGroup :
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  • Genres : Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Seinen, Slice of life
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Boku No Dokuhime Wa Kyou Mo Kawaii summary:

### A couple's happy life, starting from a political marriage! Raphie is a princess of the demon clan feared as the "Poison Princess" because of the poison she spreads on the battlefield. Loren is an "Undying Knight" that can revive himself repeatedly and return to the front lines to continue fighting. As a sign of peace, the two become husband and wife in a political marriage full of mixed feelings, but... Loren falls in love with Raphie at first sight and wants to flirt!!!
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Vol.3 Chapter 25: Day 25904,793Yesterday
Vol.3 Chapter 24: Day 24696,961Yesterday
Chapter 23180,955Yesterday
Vol.3 Chapter 22: Day 22904,674Yesterday
Vol.3 Chapter 21: Day 21443,779Yesterday
Vol.3 Chapter 20: Day 20923,820Yesterday
Vol.2 Chapter 19: Day 19555,485Yesterday
Vol.2 Chapter 18: Day 18310,625Yesterday
Vol.2 Chapter 17: Day 17505,187Yesterday
Vol.2 Chapter 16: Day 16864,509Yesterday
Vol.2 Chapter 15: Day 15288,497Yesterday
Vol.2 Chapter 14: Day 14831,890Yesterday
Vol.2 Chapter 13: Day 13653,058Yesterday
Vol.2 Chapter 12: Day 12487,372Yesterday
Vol.2 Chapter 11: Day 11548,755Yesterday
Vol.2 Chapter 10: Day 10509,265Yesterday
Vol.1 Chapter 9: Day 9984,512Yesterday
Vol.1 Chapter 8: Day 893,668Yesterday
Vol.1 Chapter 7: Day 7813,038Yesterday
Vol.1 Chapter 6: Day 6561,532Yesterday
Vol.1 Chapter 5: Day 5331,135Yesterday
Vol.1 Chapter 4: Day 4589,693Yesterday

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