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Chemy (Manhwa) CHAPTER LIST
  • Chemy (Manhwa)

    Alternative : Chemy ; 케미

  • Author(s) : Minsoo
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jun-11-2024 19:06:59 PM
  • TransGroup :
  • TransGroup :
  • Genres : Action, Manhwa, Supernatural
  • TransGroup :

Chemy (Manhwa) summary:

Chemy manhwa, My life was insignificant 'til I took part in a suspicious clinical trial for a new drug. "This drug is able to contain all knowledge made possible by molecular biology." Han Jungwoo was able to overcome the 1 of 10,000 odds and the drug took effect. "Please join us in KG Chemical, Mr. Han Jungwoo." I didn't know taking that one drug could turn my whole life around.
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Chapter 40425,539Yesterday
Chapter 39251,139Yesterday
Chapter 38419,745Yesterday
Chapter 37738,127Yesterday
Chapter 36793,482Yesterday
Chapter 35621,839Yesterday
Chapter 34119,784Yesterday
Chapter 33132,775Yesterday
Chapter 32387,498Yesterday
Chapter 31756,786Yesterday
Chapter 30570,993Yesterday
Chapter 29697,081Yesterday
Chapter 28757,048Yesterday
Chapter 27413,465Yesterday
Chapter 26181,963Yesterday
Chapter 25579,682Yesterday
Chapter 24475,791Yesterday
Chapter 23484,883Yesterday
Chapter 22274,509Yesterday
Chapter 2178,363Yesterday
Chapter 20189,965Yesterday
Chapter 19626,197Yesterday
Chapter 18469,983Yesterday
Chapter 17406,143Yesterday
Chapter 16269,864Yesterday
Chapter 15504,222Yesterday
Chapter 14917,460Yesterday
Chapter 13152,795Yesterday
Chapter 1299,632Yesterday
Chapter 11727,850Yesterday
Chapter 10524,149Yesterday
Chapter 9504,396Yesterday
Chapter 8385,019Yesterday
Chapter 7664,815Yesterday
Chapter 6844,998Yesterday
Chapter 5657,736Yesterday
Chapter 4501,190Yesterday
Chapter 3428,011Yesterday
Chapter 2475,755Yesterday
Chapter 1857,464Yesterday
Chapter 0482,168Yesterday

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