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Cheonma Virginity CHAPTER LIST
  • Cheonma Virginity

    Alternative : 천마가 동정을 뺏겨야 무림이 산다

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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Feb-12-2024 18:02:03 PM
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Cheonma Virginity summary:

How can I, who only have a Taekwondo Dan’s certificate, unify the martial arts…?”The Murim Alliance, representing the political faction, and the Demon Cult led by Cheonma are in conflict.The protagonist, who is a job seeker, becomes possessed by the Heavenly Demon of the Demonic Cult, and the Murim League devises a plan to gain peace in the martial arts world by breaking the Heavenly Demon's power. Namgung Jin of the Namgung family steps forward as a volunteer...
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Chapter 3689,9353 weeks ago
Chapter 2188,5263 weeks ago
Chapter 1: Prologue947,7523 weeks ago

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