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Chingochou Futsuryoukyoku Ukeika CHAPTER LIST
  • Chingochou Futsuryoukyoku Ukeika

    Alternative : 鎮護庁祓竜局誓約課

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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jul-10-2024 09:07:54 AM
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Chingochou Futsuryoukyoku Ukeika summary:

In the centuries since the human race began to decline, people have been deprived of their homes by "dragons" that have suddenly appeared.Itsuki and Kayano belong to the Oath Division, an organization that requests inviolability of human territory from dragons through a ritual called "oath". They travel around the country with their partner dragon, Hachi, who acts as a mediator between dragons and humans. The majestic and merciless dragons they encounter, and the people who live beside the dragons, sometimes with hard work and sometimes with cunning...+
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Chapter 3122,3976 days ago
Vol.1 Chapter 2346,6726 days ago
Chapter 1955,2076 days ago

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