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Chokozai Utsuwa CHAPTER LIST
  • Chokozai Utsuwa

    Alternative : ちょこざいうつわ ; Cheeky Bowls

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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Feb-03-2024 03:02:41 AM
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Chokozai Utsuwa summary:

Higuchi, a management consultant, is assigned to the loss-making pottery shop "KONNO," but is annoyed from day one by the cocky attitude of the third generation president's younger brother, Yuichiro.While working there, Higuchi finds out why Yuichiro treats Higuchi so poorly.Although Higuchi is aware that Yuichiro hates him, he gradually becomes more and more attracted to him as he sees Yuichiro's dedicated and earnest attitude toward pottery manufacturing...
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 7.5732,263February 2024
Chapter 7248,797February 2024
Chapter 6148,449February 2024
Chapter 5374,839February 2024
Chapter 4691,854February 2024
Chapter 3884,843February 2024
Chapter 2411,179February 2024
Chapter 1476,833February 2024
Notice685,827February 2024

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