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I Raised An Obsessive Servant CHAPTER LIST
  • I Raised An Obsessive Servant

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  • Author(s) : Yoon Hawol
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jun-11-2024 16:06:23 PM
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  • Genres : Drama, Romance
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I Raised An Obsessive Servant summary:

[PROMO WEBTOON] I, Yurina Carthia, am the villainess who will soon die. To stop this, I decided to sponsor a boy at an orphanage. “I want you to remember what I did for you, and when I am in danger, I want you to save me.” I have on goal, save myself from death. “Yurina, I am the only one who can save you or kill you.” The child who was like a puppy is now an obsessive man! 
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Chapter 76820,185Yesterday
Chapter 75199,221Yesterday
Chapter 74649,893Yesterday
Chapter 7350,750Yesterday
Chapter 72966,663Yesterday
Chapter 71534,485Yesterday
Chapter 70626,316Yesterday
Chapter 6967,015Yesterday
Chapter 68524,843Yesterday
Chapter 67568,192Yesterday
Chapter 66394,379Yesterday
Chapter 65550,700Yesterday
Chapter 64465,957Yesterday
Chapter 62.00634,383Yesterday
Chapter 63838,597Yesterday
Chapter 62402,795Yesterday
Chapter 61215,666Yesterday
Chapter 60128,145Yesterday
Chapter 59898,698Yesterday
Chapter 58385,749Yesterday
Chapter 57373,292Yesterday
Chapter 56840,716Yesterday
Chapter 55860,607Yesterday
Chapter 54810,171Yesterday
Chapter 53785,674Yesterday
Chapter 523,724Yesterday
Chapter 51456,714Yesterday
Chapter 50947,038Yesterday
Chapter 4918,908Yesterday
Chapter 48702,096Yesterday
Chapter 47.5170,137Yesterday
Chapter 47184,065Yesterday
Chapter 46187,374Yesterday
Chapter 45.5731,293Yesterday
Chapter 45420,540Yesterday
Chapter 44625,891Yesterday
Chapter 43175,022Yesterday
Chapter 4280,654Yesterday
Chapter 41611,989Yesterday
Chapter 4092,078Yesterday
Chapter 39804,101Yesterday
Chapter 38375,447Yesterday
Chapter 37646,418Yesterday
Chapter 3647,546Yesterday
Chapter 35334,606Yesterday
Chapter 34157,027Yesterday
Chapter 33482,600Yesterday
Chapter 32471,021Yesterday
Chapter 31835,333Yesterday
Chapter 30259,812Yesterday
Chapter 29707,651Yesterday
Chapter 28.5965,770Yesterday
Chapter 28599,114Yesterday
Chapter 27927,842Yesterday
Chapter 26898,471Yesterday
Chapter 2569,441Yesterday
Chapter 24347,797Yesterday
Chapter 23678Yesterday
Chapter 22636,985Yesterday
Chapter 21219,405Yesterday
Chapter 20424,184Yesterday
Chapter 19116,354Yesterday
Chapter 18727,129Yesterday
Chapter 17120,260Yesterday
Chapter 16426,731Yesterday
Chapter 15504,680Yesterday
Chapter 14134,755Yesterday
Chapter 13343,620Yesterday
Chapter 12183,076Yesterday
Chapter 11421,426Yesterday
Chapter 10709,703Yesterday
Chapter 9317,503Yesterday
Chapter 8830,015Yesterday
Chapter 7185,253Yesterday
Chapter 6563,499Yesterday
Chapter 5136,619Yesterday
Chapter 4947,845Yesterday
Chapter 3950,572Yesterday
Chapter 2383,721Yesterday
Chapter 1.5540,552Yesterday
Chapter 1.1311,066Yesterday
Chapter 1169,046Yesterday

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