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I Rely On Cheat To Hunt Gods CHAPTER LIST
  • I Rely On Cheat To Hunt Gods

    Alternative : I Rely On Cheat To Hunt Gods ; I Rely on Cheat to Hunt Gods ; I Rely on Plug-ins to Hunt Gods ; Wǒ Kào Wàiguà Shòuliè Shénmíng ; 我靠外挂狩猎神明

  • Author(s) : 触岛漫画
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Nov-15-2022 19:11:58 PM
  • TransGroup :
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  • Genres : Manhua
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I Rely On Cheat To Hunt Gods summary:

The protagonist Zhang Yi was betrayed and killed by his brother and lover in the eighth year of Apocalypse in his last life. After rebirth, he returned to the day when [Apocalypse] occured. Relying on the memory of the previous life, Zhang Yi got a god-level talent which is one in a billion from the beginning. Now In order to betray his enemy with his own hands, Zhang Yi used his talent and the super artifact that he brought from the previous life and started chasing for power and become powerful in this life. While doing so, he began to explore the unknown secrets about the world of Apocalypse
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 17769,540November 2022
Chapter 16800,283November 2022
Chapter 1569,230November 2022
Chapter 14661,713November 2022
Chapter 13319,045November 2022
Chapter 12150,126November 2022
Chapter 11700,800November 2022
Chapter 10797,093November 2022
Chapter 9492,535November 2022
Chapter 8629,453November 2022
Chapter 7733,768November 2022
Chapter 655,938November 2022
Chapter 5415,528November 2022
Chapter 412,175November 2022
Chapter 3818,540November 2022
Chapter 2850,238November 2022
Chapter Coming_Soon900,869November 2022
Chapter 1586,395November 2022
Chapter 0.1787,782November 2022
Chapter 0219,120November 2022

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