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Ichigo No Haitta Soda-Sui CHAPTER LIST
  • Ichigo No Haitta Soda-Sui

    Alternative : Strawberry in Soda Water ; Strawberry soda water ; Ichigo no Haitta Soda Mizu

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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Sep-24-2023 06:09:07 AM
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Ichigo No Haitta Soda-Sui summary:

Mannenrou Ladies' Academy is famous for its upper class and posh students. Despite knowing how out-of-place she'd be, the former yankee, Hanaizumi Luna, decides to enroll there. Moreover, according to her underling: "Girls' schools means yuri!! Add in school dormitories? Now that's a world of girl on girl action!!"And with those words in mind, Luna's new school life begins with a rough start.And how exactly will her relationship develop with her socially inept roommate, Miyota Kohime...?
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Vol.3 Chapter 42878,883Yesterday
Vol.3 Chapter 41683,400Yesterday
Vol.3 Chapter 40711,566Yesterday
Chapter 39214,928Yesterday
Vol.3 Chapter 38538,982Yesterday
Vol.3 Chapter 37556,198Yesterday
Vol.3 Chapter 36387,178Yesterday
Vol.3 Chapter 3557,155Yesterday
Chapter 34179,771Yesterday
Vol.3 Chapter 33412,782Yesterday
Vol.3 Chapter 32544,546Yesterday
Vol.2 Chapter 31385,199Yesterday
Vol.2 Chapter 3064,078Yesterday
Vol.2 Chapter 29889,056Yesterday
Vol.2 Chapter 2879,138Yesterday
Vol.2 Chapter 27244,163Yesterday
Vol.2 Chapter 26172,020Yesterday
Vol.2 Chapter 25965,312Yesterday
Vol.2 Chapter 24207,308Yesterday
Vol.2 Chapter 23668,145Yesterday
Chapter 22373,158Yesterday
Chapter 21905,106Yesterday
Chapter 20457,542Yesterday
Chapter 19195,717Yesterday
Chapter 18575,797Yesterday
Chapter 1752,839Yesterday
Chapter 1625,683Yesterday
Chapter 15291,040Yesterday
Chapter 14188,162Yesterday
Chapter 13420,581Yesterday
Chapter 12167,355Yesterday
Chapter 11490,604Yesterday
Chapter 10693,287Yesterday
Chapter 9260,144Yesterday
Chapter 8167,244Yesterday
Chapter 7131,233Yesterday
Chapter 6995,315Yesterday
Chapter 5266,566Yesterday
Chapter 4792,650Yesterday
Chapter 3.5971,131Yesterday
Chapter 3250,100Yesterday
Chapter 2463,224Yesterday
Chapter 1819,587Yesterday

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