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Insanely Radiant CHAPTER LIST
  • Insanely Radiant

    Alternative : Insanely Radiant ;Insanely Bright ;Insanely Brilliant ; Intensément radieux ;狂おしいほど煌びやかに ;미치도록 찬란하게

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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : May-28-2024 12:05:01 PM
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Insanely Radiant summary:

Read manhwa Insanely RadiantRadiana didn't want to die. Offered as a sacrifice to the sun prince in place of her scheming half sister, she decided to do whatever it takes to survive but never dreamed it would be in the bed of the sun prince! Oratio is sick and tired of receiving human sacrifices. A disillusioned sun prince with the ability to read minds, Oratio involuntarily rescues Radiana from the burning altarand is shocked to see that she can meet his eyes without bursting into flames. His interest piqued, Oratio offers to let Radiana live by spending a passionate night in his arms, but Radiana would rather die than go to his bed willingly. Unbeknownst to them, however, there are forces that will stop at nothing to break them apart. Will Oratio and Radiana realize they're meant to be together before their enemies come to break them apart?
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Chapter 29666,272Yesterday
Chapter 28583,987Yesterday
Chapter 27147,697Yesterday
Chapter 26788,984Yesterday
Chapter 25539,904Yesterday
Chapter 24486,265Yesterday
Chapter 23860,632Yesterday
Chapter 22211,930Yesterday
Chapter 21185,465Yesterday
Chapter 2030,496Yesterday
Chapter 19199,219Yesterday
Chapter 18566,059Yesterday
Chapter 17720,122Yesterday
Chapter 16798,842Yesterday
Chapter 1577,348Yesterday
Chapter 1413,039Yesterday
Chapter 13782,211Yesterday
Chapter 12782,605Yesterday
Chapter 11211,101Yesterday
Chapter 1059,009Yesterday
Chapter 9338,532Yesterday
Chapter 8585,578Yesterday
Chapter 7365,030Yesterday
Chapter 6961,138Yesterday
Chapter 567,351Yesterday
Chapter 4759,528Yesterday
Chapter 3682,009Yesterday
Chapter 2557,867Yesterday
Chapter 16,999Yesterday

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