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  • Kidults

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  • Author(s) : Hahim
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Dec-04-2023 07:12:19 AM
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  • Genres : Romance, Slice of life
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Kidults summary:

Five childhood friends — Dabin, Jaeha, Taehyeon, Sehui, and Hanbin — make a promise to always stay friends, even after they become adults. Fast forward to the present, where they are now 24-year-olds facing pivotal moments in their journey into adulthood. As they face different challenges, the five friends try to carve out their own paths and figure out what they want for the future, lending each other a helping hand or offering a shoulder to cry on along the way. And amidst it all, unfamiliar feelings begin to blossom where there was once only friendship…
Maybe coming in the next issue
Kidults Chapter 121
Kidults Chapter 122
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 120561,126Yesterday
Chapter 119173,651Yesterday
Chapter 118496,168Yesterday
Chapter 117668,964Yesterday
Chapter 116179,421Yesterday
Chapter 115988,707Yesterday
Chapter 114293,913Yesterday
Chapter 11318,525Yesterday
Chapter 112752,402Yesterday
Chapter 111453,657Yesterday
Chapter 110673,216Yesterday
Chapter 109244,685Yesterday
Chapter 108994,125Yesterday
Chapter 107955,455Yesterday
Chapter 106195,862Yesterday
Chapter 105289,611Yesterday
Chapter 104771,684Yesterday
Chapter 103420,908Yesterday
Chapter 102537,654Yesterday
Chapter 101705,795Yesterday
Chapter 100320,559Yesterday
Chapter 99627,518Yesterday
Chapter 98700,292Yesterday
Chapter 9723,254Yesterday
Chapter 96153,485Yesterday
Chapter 95343,740Yesterday
Chapter 94860,531Yesterday
Chapter 9355,144Yesterday
Chapter 92377,515Yesterday
Chapter 91790,666Yesterday
Chapter 9010,560Yesterday
Chapter 89743,948Yesterday
Chapter 88385,535Yesterday
Chapter 87767,489Yesterday
Chapter 86493,058Yesterday
Chapter 85196,203Yesterday
Chapter 83819,501Yesterday
Chapter 82914,408Yesterday
Chapter 8156,941Yesterday
Chapter 80233,513Yesterday
Chapter 79933,352Yesterday
Chapter 78435,136Yesterday
Chapter 7754,710Yesterday
Chapter 76113,456Yesterday
Chapter 75621,536Yesterday
Chapter 7441,053Yesterday
Chapter 73952,366Yesterday
Chapter 72749,380Yesterday
Chapter 7161,436Yesterday
Chapter 70207,367Yesterday
Chapter 69589,997Yesterday
Chapter 68147,741Yesterday
Chapter 67837,931Yesterday
Chapter 662,325Yesterday
Chapter 65220,390Yesterday
Chapter 64285,391Yesterday
Chapter 63346,365Yesterday
Chapter 62992,019Yesterday
Chapter 61802,396Yesterday
Chapter 60566,148Yesterday
Chapter 59513,838Yesterday
Chapter 5826,817Yesterday
Chapter 57311,869Yesterday
Chapter 56393,129Yesterday
Chapter 55109,300Yesterday
Chapter 54664,734Yesterday
Chapter 53317,409Yesterday
Chapter 52136,404Yesterday
Chapter 51962,065Yesterday
Chapter 50381,292Yesterday
Chapter 49989,220Yesterday
Chapter 48688,403Yesterday
Chapter 4762,793Yesterday
Chapter 46840,530Yesterday
Chapter 45986,794Yesterday
Chapter 44357,173Yesterday
Chapter 43975,446Yesterday
Chapter 42147,369Yesterday
Chapter 4163,802Yesterday
Chapter 40227,384Yesterday
Chapter 39465,219Yesterday
Chapter 3822,388Yesterday
Chapter 37778,143Yesterday
Chapter 36423,710Yesterday
Chapter 35966,609Yesterday
Chapter 34731,711Yesterday
Chapter 33445,206Yesterday
Chapter 32141,122Yesterday
Chapter 31866,769Yesterday
Chapter 30 : Chapter 30933,461Yesterday
Chapter 29763,517Yesterday
Chapter 28402,223Yesterday
Chapter 27630,921Yesterday
Chapter 26952,427Yesterday
Chapter 25 : Episode 25573,662Yesterday
Chapter 25943,607Yesterday
Chapter 24 : Episode 24727,061Yesterday
Chapter 24569,715Yesterday
Chapter 23137,555Yesterday
Chapter 22359,924Yesterday
Chapter 21310,096Yesterday
Chapter 20736,267Yesterday
Chapter 19483,052Yesterday
Chapter 18184,413Yesterday
Chapter 17324,193Yesterday
Chapter 16904,926Yesterday
Chapter 15432,079Yesterday
Chapter 14242,333Yesterday
Chapter 13224,364Yesterday
Chapter 12856,652Yesterday
Chapter 11491,756Yesterday
Chapter 1045,646Yesterday
Chapter 9718,217Yesterday
Chapter 8498,990Yesterday
Chapter 7408,630Yesterday
Chapter 6785,299Yesterday
Chapter 5639,084Yesterday
Chapter 4557,461Yesterday
Chapter 3115,428Yesterday
Chapter 2792,471Yesterday
Chapter 1406,206Yesterday
Chapter 0125,108Yesterday

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