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  • Madonna Lily

    Alternative : マドンナリリー

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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Sep-25-2023 12:09:27 PM
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Madonna Lily summary:

Juri, Makoto, Mistugi, and Kanon serve on the student council of a prestigious girls' high school and are the school's flowers, admired by all for their beauty and excellence. They are the symbols of purity of the school, like the Madonna Lilies, the white lilies dedicated to Mary, the Holy Mother. Yet, there is a hidden side to these girls: Juri's life revolves around a forbidden love; Makoto is involved with sugar daddies, and so forth. The fact that these white lilies are getting stained by their own sediment cannot be stopped by anyone any more.
Maybe coming in the next issue
Madonna Lily Chapter 21
Madonna Lily Chapter 22
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Vol.2 Chapter 20: Resolve776,229in 37 minutes
Vol.2 Chapter 19: Decision223,929in 37 minutes
Vol.2 Chapter 18: Secret Talk690,180in 37 minutes
Vol.2 Chapter 15: Disclosure276,697in 37 minutes
Vol.2 Chapter 13: Moving On214,586in 37 minutes
Vol.2 Chapter 12: Prayer335,290in 37 minutes
Vol.2 Chapter 11: Daybreak795,523in 37 minutes
Vol.2 Chapter 10: Lonely244,444in 37 minutes
Vol.2 Chapter 9: Daddy642,082in 37 minutes
Vol.1 Chapter 4: One's First153,136in 37 minutes
Vol.1 Chapter 3: Please516,864in 37 minutes
Vol.1 Chapter 2: Master, I...949,453in 37 minutes
Vol.1 Chapter 1: Four Flowers506,309in 37 minutes

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