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Mazumeshi Elf To Youbokugurashi CHAPTER LIST
  • Mazumeshi Elf To Youbokugurashi

    Alternative : Mazumeshi Elf to Yuubokugurashi,Mazu meshi Erufu to yūboku kurashi,Mazu Rice Elf and Nomadic Life,マズ飯エルフと遊牧暮らし,맛 없는 밥 엘프와 유목생활

  • Author(s) : Kurou Ooma, Takashi Watanabe
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : May-30-2023 15:05:55 PM
  • TransGroup :
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  • Genres : Comedy, Fantasy, Isekai, Shounen, Slice of life
  • TransGroup :

Mazumeshi Elf To Youbokugurashi summary:

Suzuki Saburo is the typical isekai MC. A high school boy who started to get into cooking after getting an injury during baseball, he suddenly found himself in another world one day. With the only thing on his person being his custom knife, he wandered a desolate prairie for three days before falling unconscious. <br><br>When he woke up, he found that a nomadic tribe of elves took him in. However, there’s one big problem — the tribe has terrible cooking. Can Saburo help teach the nomadic elves the true meaning of deliciousness?
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 63568,248May 2023
Chapter 49.5911,309May 2023
Chapter 47880,343May 2023
Chapter 46381,656May 2023
Chapter 45831,547May 2023
Chapter 44317,831May 2023
Chapter 43289,956May 2023
Chapter 42850,543May 2023
Chapter 41887,124May 2023
Chapter 40901,490May 2023
Chapter 3940,720May 2023
Chapter 38.6151,300May 2023
Chapter 38.5688,203May 2023
Chapter 3896,432May 2023
Chapter 3750,996May 2023
Chapter 36790,121May 2023
Chapter 35186,313May 2023
Chapter 34783,344May 2023
Chapter 33584,411May 2023
Chapter 32238,317May 2023
Chapter 31315,977May 2023
Chapter 30260,373May 2023
Chapter 29354,980May 2023
Chapter 28630,332May 2023
Chapter 15: A Way Home418,882May 2023
Chapter 12: Tea Time329,245May 2023
Chapter 4: Nomad Life875,672May 2023
Chapter 2.1578,291May 2023
Vol.1 Chapter 1948,410May 2023

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