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Éminence Grise Female Lead Is Trying To Make Me Her Stepmom CHAPTER LIST
  • Éminence Grise Female Lead Is Trying To Make Me Her Stepmom

    Alternative : 흑막여주가 날 새엄마로 만들려고 해

  • Author(s) : 목감기, 하리힌
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : May-29-2023 08:05:08 AM
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  • Genres : Romance, Shoujo
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Éminence Grise Female Lead Is Trying To Make Me Her Stepmom summary:

I have transported as civilian 1 into the “tragic novel” I wrote with my friends for fun. Since he declares revolution in order to change his daughter's unhappy future. If I leave it like this then many lives are in danger. “I will protect the female lead!” That's how I started to live with the daughter stupid duke. But the small female lead is a bit strange for some reason.
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Chapter 71782,408Yesterday
Chapter 70896,740Yesterday
Chapter 69195,597Yesterday
Chapter 68926,604Yesterday
Chapter 672,265Yesterday
Chapter 66832,714Yesterday
Chapter 65270,981Yesterday
Chapter 64984,486Yesterday
Chapter 63178,543Yesterday
Chapter 62176,350Yesterday
Chapter 61417,992Yesterday
Chapter 60278,468Yesterday
Chapter 5994,164Yesterday
Chapter 5879,227Yesterday
Chapter 57484,803Yesterday
Chapter 56112,609Yesterday
Chapter 55797,832Yesterday
Chapter 54698,255Yesterday
Chapter 53701,382Yesterday
Chapter 52345,414Yesterday
Chapter 51852,126Yesterday
Chapter 50950,244Yesterday
Chapter 49977,771Yesterday
Chapter 48963,667Yesterday
Chapter 47785,888Yesterday
Chapter 46438,716Yesterday
Chapter 45858,524Yesterday
Chapter 44398,234Yesterday
Chapter 43443,043Yesterday
Chapter 42823,355Yesterday
Chapter 41384,013Yesterday
Chapter 40654,980Yesterday
Chapter 39960,421Yesterday
Chapter 38491,851Yesterday
Chapter 37395,552Yesterday
Chapter 36.5798,161Yesterday
Chapter 36505,490Yesterday
Chapter 35923,734Yesterday
Chapter 34601,276Yesterday
Chapter 33892,114Yesterday
Chapter 32244,567Yesterday
Chapter 31838,127Yesterday
Chapter 30430,372Yesterday
Chapter 29521,997Yesterday
Chapter 28805,413Yesterday
Chapter 27113,733Yesterday
Chapter 26983,289Yesterday
Chapter 25169,833Yesterday
Chapter 24.5604,679Yesterday
Chapter 2452,872Yesterday
Chapter 2353,868Yesterday
Chapter 22898,098Yesterday
Chapter 21686,597Yesterday
Chapter 20350,001Yesterday
Chapter 19526,832Yesterday
Chapter 18259,716Yesterday
Chapter 17149,021Yesterday
Chapter 16234,811Yesterday
Chapter 15407,610Yesterday
Chapter 14475,772Yesterday
Chapter 13270,685Yesterday
Chapter 12901,673Yesterday
Chapter 11445,326Yesterday
Chapter 10181,942Yesterday
Chapter 9794,304Yesterday
Chapter 8959,315Yesterday
Chapter 7294,390Yesterday
Chapter 6383,256Yesterday
Chapter 5835,683Yesterday
Chapter 4349,415Yesterday
Chapter 3157,848Yesterday
Chapter 2766,136Yesterday
Chapter 1335,945Yesterday

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