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Natsume-San Wa Hirakaretai CHAPTER LIST
  • Natsume-San Wa Hirakaretai

    Alternative : なつめさんは開発かれたい ; なつめさんは開発(ひら)かれたい ; Natsume-san Wants to be Developed ; Natsume-san Wants to be Opened

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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Nov-04-2023 04:11:51 AM
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Natsume-San Wa Hirakaretai summary:

Because he's not good in bed, all of Natsume's lovers break up with him. "I'll become the best person at sex in all of Japan so that I can rub it in the face of my ex who dumped me!" He boldly declares. Natsume selects "Kou" from the escort service to help him improve his skills, but there's a surprise when Kou arrives at his house...?! The story of a "housekeeper" and a troubled, heavy-thinker with a love agenda!
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Vol.1 Chapter 5.5795,117November 2023
Vol.1 Chapter 555,920November 2023
Vol.1 Chapter 4624,525November 2023
Vol.1 Chapter 3786,028November 2023
Vol.1 Chapter 2952,676November 2023
Vol.1 Chapter 1724,979November 2023

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