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Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint CHAPTER LIST
  • Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint

    Alternative : ORV ; Punkt Widzenia Wszechwiedzącego Czytelnika ; Всеведущий читатель ; دیدگاه خواننده‌ی همه‌چی‌دون ; 全知读者 ; 전독시 ; 전지적 독자 시점

  • Author(s) : Sing-Shong, Sleepy-C (Redice Studio)
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Apr-16-2024 20:04:29 PM
  • TransGroup :
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  • Genres : Action, Adventure, Manhwa, Sci fi, Webtoons
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Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint summary:

‘This is a development that I know of.’ The moment he thought that, the world had been destroyed, and a new universe had unfolded. The new life of an ordinary reader begins within the world of the novel, a novel that he alone had finished.
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Chapter 208815,856Yesterday
Chapter 207579,891Yesterday
Chapter 206567,997Yesterday
Chapter 2051,041Yesterday
Chapter 204525,979Yesterday
Chapter 2039,892Yesterday
Chapter 202702,037Yesterday
Chapter 201370,967Yesterday
Chapter 200674,152Yesterday
Chapter 199318,269Yesterday
Chapter 198324,282Yesterday
Chapter 197401,283Yesterday
Chapter 196540,903Yesterday
Chapter 195290,427Yesterday
Chapter 194870,970Yesterday
Chapter 193374,310Yesterday
Chapter 192980,577Yesterday
Chapter 191324,878Yesterday
Chapter 190115,510Yesterday
Chapter 189559,526Yesterday
Chapter 188691,288Yesterday
Chapter 187726,226Yesterday
Chapter 186328,830Yesterday
Chapter 185586,898Yesterday
Chapter 184988,796Yesterday
Chapter 183920,962Yesterday
Chapter 182827,951Yesterday
Chapter 181704,641Yesterday
Chapter 18060,334Yesterday
Chapter 179487,651Yesterday
Chapter 178792,501Yesterday
Chapter 177960,056Yesterday
Chapter 176176,107Yesterday
Chapter 175429,478Yesterday
Chapter 174775,898Yesterday
Chapter 17399,090Yesterday
Chapter 17221,073Yesterday
Chapter 171289,252Yesterday
Chapter 170655,384Yesterday
Chapter 169709,634Yesterday
Chapter 168567,127Yesterday
Chapter 167321,412Yesterday
Chapter 166219,090Yesterday
Chapter 165804,271Yesterday
Chapter 164967,190Yesterday
Chapter 163887,277Yesterday
Chapter 162763,711Yesterday
Chapter 161418,754Yesterday
Chapter 160817,712Yesterday
Chapter 159316,413Yesterday
Chapter 158833,305Yesterday
Chapter 157715,114Yesterday
Chapter 156638,392Yesterday
Chapter 155377,038Yesterday
Chapter 154594,531Yesterday
Chapter 153997,049Yesterday
Chapter 152515,959Yesterday
Chapter 151269,293Yesterday
Chapter 150883,027Yesterday
Chapter 149299,594Yesterday
Chapter 148214,921Yesterday
Chapter 147605,954Yesterday
Chapter 146425,102Yesterday
Chapter 145874,908Yesterday
Chapter 144242,112Yesterday
Chapter 143730,641Yesterday
Chapter 142.5615,276Yesterday
Chapter 142555,818Yesterday
Chapter 141493,225Yesterday
Chapter 140304,568Yesterday
Chapter 139544,317Yesterday
Chapter 138215,930Yesterday
Chapter 137346,827Yesterday
Chapter 136138,241Yesterday
Chapter 135133,884Yesterday
Chapter 134143,719Yesterday
Chapter 133148,559Yesterday
Chapter 13230,074Yesterday
Chapter 131692,003Yesterday
Chapter 130692,134Yesterday
Chapter 129826,644Yesterday
Chapter 128484,567Yesterday
Chapter 127306,091Yesterday
Chapter 124951,627Yesterday
Chapter 123543,625Yesterday
Chapter 122374,832Yesterday
Chapter 121723,336Yesterday
Chapter 120353,645Yesterday
Chapter 119686,926Yesterday
Chapter 118894,327Yesterday
Chapter 117151,275Yesterday
Chapter 109894,024Yesterday
Chapter 10820,240Yesterday
Chapter 32: Landlord (6)432,223Yesterday
Chapter 31: Landlord (5)801,324Yesterday
Chapter 30: Landlord (4)161,253Yesterday
Chapter 29: Landlord (3)243,593Yesterday
Chapter 28: Landlord (2)382,001Yesterday
Chapter 14: Contract (2)189,329Yesterday
Chapter 13: Contract (1)942,169Yesterday
Chapter 0: Prologue788,115Yesterday

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