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Partly-Cloudy Hearts With Chance Of Sunshine CHAPTER LIST
  • Partly-Cloudy Hearts With Chance Of Sunshine

    Alternative : ココロのち晴れ ;Kokoro Nochihare

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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Dec-08-2023 11:12:28 AM
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Partly-Cloudy Hearts With Chance Of Sunshine summary:

It's their final year of high school. Gaku's one-sided feelings for Haru, which he'd kept hidden all these years, have begun to stir. They'd been friends ever since high school began, and they thought that their relationship would never change. They would hang out with girls from another school, focus on studying for college entrance exams, and take a breather at the school festival... "I love you Haru." With the confession, their world would change. This is a year of a normal student life in which best friends who were always by each other's side become lovers.+
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Chapter 6529,521December 2023
Chapter 578,591December 2023
Chapter 4520,491December 2023
Chapter 3973,348December 2023
Chapter 2699,520December 2023
Chapter 140,979December 2023

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