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Peach Branch Bubbles CHAPTER LIST
  • Peach Branch Bubbles

    Alternative : 桃枝气泡 ;Peach Branches and Bubbles ;Peach Branch Bubbles

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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : May-26-2024 05:05:28 AM
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Peach Branch Bubbles summary:

Tao Zhi, an infamous figure in Laboratory School 1, dominated the bottom rankings all year round. One day, according to rumour, Miss Tao somehow fell for the legendary academic big boss—the school’s only hope to defeat neighbouring schools, the top scorer in the college entrance exam: Jiang Qihuai. Some research revealed that the boss’s type was someone who was 1) good-natured and 2) good at studying. Those who scored less than 700 points weren’t even worth mentioning. Tao Zhi wasn’t good-natured either, so she started practicing 5 exams/3 years*, turning herself into a ruthless test-answering machine that woke up early and stayed up late to study for 2 weeks, and scored 350 points.Tao Zhi: Look, I like you so much, how about you let this one go and let me take the test again?How to conquer a Bking**--from 300 to 700 points--in what world does a lady as beautiful as a flower who comes from a rich family like me get looked down on, isn’t it because you’re a coward king?*referring to a workbook that simulates 5 college exams and 3 years of school**internet slang for someone who acts cool/like a king

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