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Protected By My Dragon Knight CHAPTER LIST
  • Protected By My Dragon Knight

    Alternative : Protected by My Dragon Knight / 聖女は竜騎士様にまもられて

  • Author(s) : Umibird
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Feb-21-2024 16:02:30 PM
  • TransGroup :
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  • Genres : Drama, Fantasy, Romance
  • TransGroup :

Protected By My Dragon Knight summary:

Ichiru Futaba was just an ordinary office lady working at a high stress dead-end job. One day, when she's pushed to her limit and cannot get home in time to save her fluffy little dog, she falls to the floor unconscious. When she awakens,she realizes that she.. has died and been reborn! In a new world where magical creatures and humans coexist, and where the sand rain that faills from the sky harms these magical creatures, Ichiru struggles to form relationships due to her dark past. One day, when she finds a dragon on the brink of death, Ichiru summons a power she never knew she had. As a bright light comes from the palm of her hand, hope is reborn! Can she use her healing powers that only she has to save these furry magical creatures?
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Chapter 143925,625Yesterday
Chapter 14276,885Yesterday
Chapter 141872,500Yesterday
Chapter 140789,230Yesterday
Chapter 139831,017Yesterday
Chapter 138379,326Yesterday
Chapter 137714,976Yesterday
Chapter 136996,200Yesterday
Chapter 135786,777Yesterday
Chapter 134259,411Yesterday
Chapter 133325,821Yesterday
Chapter 132623,864Yesterday
Chapter 131681,644Yesterday
Chapter 13083,461Yesterday
Chapter 129990,208Yesterday
Chapter 128272,466Yesterday
Chapter 127595,870Yesterday
Chapter 126481,287Yesterday
Chapter 125212,612Yesterday
Chapter 124453,723Yesterday
Chapter 123558,592Yesterday
Chapter 122621,406Yesterday
Chapter 121412,270Yesterday
Chapter 120301,540Yesterday
Chapter 119864,003Yesterday
Chapter 118627,519Yesterday
Chapter 117969,262Yesterday
Chapter 1165,367Yesterday
Chapter 115224,205Yesterday
Chapter 114893,169Yesterday
Chapter 113609,725Yesterday
Chapter 112794,684Yesterday
Chapter 111285,981Yesterday
Chapter 110890,961Yesterday
Chapter 109456,286Yesterday
Chapter 108894,122Yesterday
Chapter 107360,733Yesterday
Chapter 106754,911Yesterday
Chapter 105948,914Yesterday
Chapter 104508,821Yesterday
Chapter 103419,473Yesterday
Chapter 102414,088Yesterday
Chapter 101159,497Yesterday
Chapter 100949,031Yesterday
Chapter 9966,456Yesterday
Chapter 98479,035Yesterday
Chapter 97563,660Yesterday
Chapter 96722,408Yesterday
Chapter 95439,812Yesterday
Chapter 94319,674Yesterday
Chapter 93454,269Yesterday
Chapter 92714,292Yesterday
Chapter 91957,862Yesterday
Chapter 90632,002Yesterday
Chapter 89859,483Yesterday
Chapter 88259,847Yesterday
Chapter 87202,549Yesterday
Chapter 8626,084Yesterday
Chapter 85629,612Yesterday
Chapter 84199,292Yesterday
Chapter 8366,986Yesterday
Chapter 82701,465Yesterday
Chapter 81957,821Yesterday
Chapter 80338,089Yesterday
Chapter 79799,742Yesterday
Chapter 78395,594Yesterday
Chapter 77885,282Yesterday
Chapter 76601,917Yesterday
Chapter 75219,510Yesterday
Chapter 74391,752Yesterday
Chapter 73799,146Yesterday
Chapter 72496,243Yesterday
Chapter 71852,713Yesterday
Chapter 7016,189Yesterday
Chapter 69946,915Yesterday
Chapter 68219,234Yesterday
Chapter 67295,207Yesterday
Chapter 66702,473Yesterday
Chapter 65666,042Yesterday
Chapter 64234,827Yesterday
Chapter 63982,471Yesterday
Chapter 62584,006Yesterday
Chapter 61208,854Yesterday
Chapter 60657,305Yesterday
Chapter 59154,732Yesterday
Chapter 58753,214Yesterday
Chapter 5789,632Yesterday
Chapter 56636,529Yesterday
Chapter 55799,290Yesterday
Chapter 5442,282Yesterday
Chapter 5386,070Yesterday
Chapter 52484,941Yesterday
Chapter 51776,055Yesterday
Chapter 50952,234Yesterday
Chapter 49776,051Yesterday
Chapter 48844,260Yesterday
Chapter 47161,265Yesterday
Chapter 46639,609Yesterday
Chapter 45674,446Yesterday
Chapter 44417,593Yesterday
Chapter 4376,099Yesterday
Chapter 42852,551Yesterday
Chapter 41664,915Yesterday
Chapter 40219,350Yesterday
Chapter 3960,053Yesterday
Chapter 38875,641Yesterday
Chapter 37714,862Yesterday
Chapter 36645,800Yesterday
Chapter 35680,946Yesterday
Chapter 34592,235Yesterday
Chapter 33294,809Yesterday
Chapter 32562,169Yesterday
Chapter 31800,339Yesterday
Chapter 30651,780Yesterday
Chapter 29213,053Yesterday
Chapter 28439,514Yesterday
Chapter 27885,816Yesterday
Chapter 26528,103Yesterday
Chapter 25373,793Yesterday
Chapter 24459,111Yesterday
Chapter 23193,088Yesterday
Chapter 22167,429Yesterday
Chapter 21768,282Yesterday
Chapter 20288,520Yesterday
Chapter 19422,144Yesterday
Chapter 18381,432Yesterday
Chapter 1758,162Yesterday
Chapter 16100,394Yesterday
Chapter 15693,701Yesterday
Chapter 14898,693Yesterday
Chapter 13817,560Yesterday
Chapter 1222,565Yesterday
Chapter 11524,665Yesterday
Chapter 10339,804Yesterday
Chapter 956,608Yesterday
Chapter 8116,894Yesterday
Chapter 7366,357Yesterday
Chapter 6776,625Yesterday
Chapter 5352,753Yesterday
Chapter 4974,238Yesterday
Chapter 3322,049Yesterday
Chapter 2603,760Yesterday
Chapter 1806,337Yesterday

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