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Souzoku Tantei CHAPTER LIST
  • Souzoku Tantei

    Alternative : The Hyena Has Seven Lives ; 相続探偵

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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Sep-21-2023 13:09:48 PM
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Souzoku Tantei summary:

If there's people, there's inheritance. And if there's inheritance, there's trouble. At a prominent mystery novelist's funeral, a bitter "family feud" over his estate has begun. A videotape of the author's will shown at the site of the funeral has been like that first boxing bell of a fight, sounding the beginning of a merciless struggle between the author's three daughters and his secretary. Hot on the scent of this delectably shady case is a certain detective who goes by the name Nao Haie. Claiming to be a detective who specializes in any trouble having to do with inheritance and with a sense of smell like that of a hyena, Haie will blow the mysterious case of the author's will and the secrets it hides wide open!! A one-of-a-kind inheritance mystery begins now!!
Maybe coming in the next issue
Souzoku Tantei Chapter 4
Souzoku Tantei Chapter 5
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