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The Healing Priest Of The Sun CHAPTER LIST
  • The Healing Priest Of The Sun

    Alternative : 힐통령 - 태양의 사제 ; Manager Hill - Priest of the Sun

  • Author(s) : Jerrym (제리엠)
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Mar-03-2024 20:03:11 PM
  • TransGroup :
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  • Genres : Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen
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The Healing Priest Of The Sun summary:

[From the author of Return of the Frozen Player:]"The reason why he does quests like that isn't because he's kind but because he's a sucker."Kai looked back at the people talking behind him from a distance.I'm a sucker?! Is it really wrong for me to help those in need?'[You helped an NPC in trouble.][Your kindness stat has increased by 1.]You're rewarded when you do good deeds?A never-before-seen Priest on a whole nother level has appeared!!
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Chapter 82950,695Yesterday
Chapter 81111,614Yesterday
Chapter 80507,095Yesterday
Chapter 79211,250Yesterday
Chapter 78451,932Yesterday
Chapter 77780,216Yesterday
Chapter 76178,345Yesterday
Chapter 75130,437Yesterday
Chapter 74939,203Yesterday
Chapter 73300,058Yesterday
Chapter 72771,763Yesterday
Chapter 71397,323Yesterday
Chapter 70750,174Yesterday
Chapter 69806,082Yesterday
Chapter 68367,263Yesterday
Chapter 67843,301Yesterday
Chapter 66859,336Yesterday
Chapter 65523,593Yesterday
Chapter 64813,566Yesterday
Chapter 63708,001Yesterday
Chapter 6244,235Yesterday
Chapter 61280,501Yesterday
Chapter 60448,603Yesterday
Chapter 59804,216Yesterday
Chapter 58997,000Yesterday
Chapter 57498,738Yesterday
Chapter 56849,947Yesterday
Chapter 55705,522Yesterday
Chapter 54535,010Yesterday
Chapter 53277,642Yesterday
Chapter 52661,847Yesterday
Chapter 51603,437Yesterday
Chapter 50147,731Yesterday
Chapter 49358,283Yesterday
Chapter 48615,540Yesterday
Chapter 47329,404Yesterday
Chapter 4670,535Yesterday
Chapter 45823,584Yesterday
Chapter 44842,948Yesterday
Chapter 43923,095Yesterday
Chapter 42621,002Yesterday
Chapter 41443,088Yesterday
Chapter 40686,152Yesterday
Chapter 39689,100Yesterday
Chapter 38533,381Yesterday
Chapter 37582,121Yesterday
Chapter 36938,519Yesterday
Chapter 35118,307Yesterday
Chapter 34663,352Yesterday
Chapter 33396,079Yesterday
Chapter 32273,968Yesterday
Chapter 31197,328Yesterday
Chapter 3017,624Yesterday
Chapter 29434,550Yesterday
Chapter 28789,116Yesterday
Chapter 2724,128Yesterday
Chapter 26983,519Yesterday
Chapter 25612,276Yesterday
Chapter 24568,142Yesterday
Chapter 23392,762Yesterday
Chapter 22407,429Yesterday
Chapter 21613,247Yesterday
Chapter 20389,892Yesterday
Chapter 19882,797Yesterday
Chapter 18431,871Yesterday
Chapter 17390,833Yesterday
Chapter 16229,936Yesterday
Chapter 1543,956Yesterday
Chapter 14990,181Yesterday
Chapter 1340,983Yesterday
Chapter 1275,992Yesterday
Chapter 11413,450Yesterday
Chapter 10592,565Yesterday
Chapter 9239,833Yesterday
Chapter 8553,443Yesterday
Chapter 7883,698Yesterday
Chapter 6711,410Yesterday
Chapter 5617,014Yesterday
Chapter 4172,056Yesterday
Chapter 3256,745Yesterday
Chapter 2203,352Yesterday
Chapter 1918,790Yesterday

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