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The Prince’S Personal Physician CHAPTER LIST

The Prince’S Personal Physician summary:

“Do no harm”—that's the oath that Rhena swore as a young surgeon. But when she accidentally drowns on a dark and stormy night, she wakes up in a kingdom where medical knowledge is forbidden to women—and punishable by death! After arriving in this strange world, she saves the life of Zared, the Captain of the Royal Guard who swears to protect her… but to stay safe, she must disguise herself as a man and become the personal physician of the icy Prince Damien! Can Rhena save the sickly prince and reform this world's antiquated ways, all while keeping her true identity a secret?
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Chapter 80477,353Yesterday
Chapter 7946,240Yesterday
Chapter 78283,952Yesterday
Chapter 77521,545Yesterday
Chapter 7658,717Yesterday
Chapter 75875,478Yesterday
Chapter 74938,666Yesterday
Chapter 73347,504Yesterday
Chapter 72766,273Yesterday
Chapter 71238,083Yesterday
Chapter 70764,636Yesterday
Chapter 69474,867Yesterday
Chapter 68933,663Yesterday
Chapter 67955,892Yesterday
Chapter 669,891Yesterday
Chapter 65635,592Yesterday
Chapter 64272,766Yesterday
Chapter 63300,120Yesterday
Chapter 62718,513Yesterday
Chapter 61311,946Yesterday
Chapter 6080,390Yesterday
Chapter 59138,897Yesterday
Chapter 58869,606Yesterday
Chapter 57298,898Yesterday
Chapter 56878,365Yesterday
Chapter 55845,937Yesterday
Chapter 54909,656Yesterday
Chapter 53802,725Yesterday
Chapter 52227,936Yesterday
Chapter 51892,389Yesterday
Chapter 50512,394Yesterday
Chapter 49289,680Yesterday
Chapter 48685,603Yesterday
Chapter 47848,407Yesterday
Chapter 46424,748Yesterday
Chapter 45183,614Yesterday
Chapter 44584,815Yesterday
Chapter 43783,595Yesterday
Chapter 42748,685Yesterday
Chapter 41493,201Yesterday
Chapter 40957,816Yesterday
Chapter 39116,714Yesterday
Chapter 38501,223Yesterday
Chapter 37765,575Yesterday
Chapter 36924,939Yesterday
Chapter 35122,007Yesterday
Chapter 34389,959Yesterday
Chapter 33166,729Yesterday
Chapter 32912,509Yesterday
Chapter 31711,990Yesterday
Chapter 30850,418Yesterday
Chapter 29715,424Yesterday
Chapter 28511,054Yesterday
Chapter 27461,103Yesterday
Chapter 2629,550Yesterday
Chapter 25831,402Yesterday
Chapter 24134,529Yesterday
Chapter 2382,946Yesterday
Chapter 22708,652Yesterday
Chapter 21785,484Yesterday
Chapter 20198,948Yesterday
Chapter 19565,134Yesterday
Chapter 18388,002Yesterday
Chapter 17943,940Yesterday
Chapter 16328,269Yesterday
Chapter 15556,252Yesterday
Chapter 14527,944Yesterday
Chapter 13396,202Yesterday
Chapter 12326,389Yesterday
Chapter 11783,280Yesterday
Chapter 10249,269Yesterday
Chapter 9369,505Yesterday
Chapter 816,181Yesterday
Chapter 7874,139Yesterday
Chapter 6228,001Yesterday
Chapter 5484,447Yesterday
Chapter 4397,028Yesterday
Chapter 3284,789Yesterday
Chapter 2976,249Yesterday
Chapter 1395,336Yesterday
Chapter 0867,355Yesterday

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