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This Life As A Villain CHAPTER LIST
  • This Life As A Villain

    Alternative : 이번 생은 빌런이다 ; I'll Be a Villain in This Life

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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Sep-24-2023 04:09:14 AM
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This Life As A Villain summary:

Lee Joohyuk, and undercover detective, has spent 15 years infiltrating the corporate-style gang ‘DG Group’. He was planning on revealing the evildoings of the DG Group to everyone in the world, toppling them… “Have a nice trip.” His identity was uncovered, and he was kicked out of the organisation. Just as the life faded from his eyes, an apparition of his father, a former hero, appeared. “Son, return here only after achieving the dream you so desire.” Joohyuk was sent back to the year 2005. “This time! Certainly, I’ll bring you down with my own two hands!” In an era where scoundrels and scum run rampant, I will become a villain, in order to eliminate all evil.
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