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William In The Closet CHAPTER LIST
  • William In The Closet

    Alternative : To My Juliet Boy ; 옷장 속의 윌리엄 ;William in the Wardrobe

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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jun-11-2024 16:06:48 PM
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William In The Closet summary:

Julia Green is a teenager who lives in California alone. When she was feeling her loneliest, she unexpectedly encounters an unknown yet strikingly beautiful boy in her closet. Following that incident, whenever she was going through a rough time, William magically appears in her closet. For example, when she spent her birthday alone, on the night of a dance party she has to go to unaccompanied, or having to spend a sad dawn, he appears. Julia naturally ends up falling for William, who stood by her side in every tough moment... A magical love story that transcends time and space, where they have to fight to stand by each other.

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