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Yojouhan No Ibara Hime CHAPTER LIST
  • Yojouhan No Ibara Hime

    Alternative : 四畳半のいばら姫 ; Yojouhan no Ibarahime ; Yojouhan no Ibara-hime

  • Author(s) : Sato Zakuri
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Dec-04-2023 18:12:02 PM
  • TransGroup :
  • TransGroup :
  • Genres : Comedy, Romance, School life, Shoujo, Slice of life
  • TransGroup :

Yojouhan No Ibara Hime summary:

Shinra has a mother who rarely comes home. Everyday, she pinches her pennies just to survive. Rai, a popular guy from her school keeps bothering her, and she’s getting sexually harassed by the manager at her part-time job. After finally coming home after 2 months, Shinra’s mom promises to stay with her. Rai unexpectedly shows up at Shinra’s part-time job and sees her being sexually harassed. He urges her to quit, but she refuses. Shinra comes home only to find out that her mother has disappeared once again
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Vol.3 Chapter 14954,13619 hours ago
Vol.3 Chapter 13262,09719 hours ago
Vol.3 Chapter 12139,59819 hours ago
Vol.2 Chapter 11611,58819 hours ago
Vol.2 Chapter 10249,11819 hours ago
Vol.2 Chapter 9395,70619 hours ago
Chapter 8791,69819 hours ago
Vol.2 Chapter 717,86519 hours ago
Vol.2 Chapter 6351,43919 hours ago
Chapter 5559,30919 hours ago
Vol.1 Chapter 4539,89719 hours ago
Vol.1 Chapter 3110,16219 hours ago
Vol.1 Chapter 2: Chapter 2330,08219 hours ago
Vol.1 Chapter 1: Chapter 1333,67319 hours ago

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