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Yoru Ni Kikasete CHAPTER LIST

Yoru Ni Kikasete summary:

Miya's classmates hurry her to stop Harutaka from leaving the school, as Itone plans to confess to him. However, amidst the chaos, she mistakes Harutaka's name and shouts out a different name in front of many people.After becoming the school's laughingstock, Harutaka persuades Miya to start calling each other by their first names, just so the joke dies out.A few days later, they're set up to go with their class to the mountains for a training camp. This is when Itone finally finds an opportunity to confess to Harutaka, and they start going out.Miya, finding out about it, is shocked and hurt because she thought she could become someone special to Harutaka.Yura, Haturaka's friend, finds her being all emotional and tells her that she should start liking him instead. He takes the opportunity and asks her if he could kiss her, to which she complies.
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Vol.2 Chapter 8325,0822 weeks ago
Chapter 7877,3732 weeks ago
Vol.2 Chapter 6369,6032 weeks ago
Vol.1 Chapter 5518,3472 weeks ago
Vol.1 Chapter 4109,7362 weeks ago
Vol.1 Chapter 3766,3982 weeks ago
Vol.1 Chapter 2971,7352 weeks ago

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