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Ao Ashi summary:

Seinen sports series, serialized on Big Comic Spirits. Nominated for the 2017 Manga Taisho Award.
Maybe coming in the next issue
Ao Ashi Chapter 363
Ao Ashi Chapter 364
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 362: Ao Ashi115,618Yesterday
Chapter 361: Trauma75,418Yesterday
Chapter 360127,119Yesterday
Chapter 357746,797Yesterday
Chapter 356189,055Yesterday
Chapter 350406,340Yesterday
Chapter 348515,079Yesterday
Chapter 347291,146Yesterday
Chapter 346413,945Yesterday
Chapter 345846,078Yesterday
Chapter 342: Like An Ant499,508Yesterday
Chapter 336: Seaside771,053Yesterday
Chapter 32631,940Yesterday
Chapter 324424,790Yesterday
Chapter 322754,807Yesterday
Chapter 320: Crossroad251,778Yesterday
Chapter 318623,379Yesterday
Chapter 317: Chino934,348Yesterday
Chapter 315: Present130,078Yesterday
Chapter 313: Clueless616,523Yesterday
Chapter 306659,090Yesterday
Chapter 305: The Candle317,655Yesterday
Vol.30 Chapter 30238,002Yesterday
Chapter 298722,932Yesterday
Chapter 29749,107Yesterday
Chapter 29636,542Yesterday
Chapter 295510,877Yesterday
Chapter 294332,262Yesterday
Chapter 293745,210Yesterday
Chapter 29248,800Yesterday
Chapter 290: Ch.29074,041Yesterday
Chapter 289209,102Yesterday
Chapter 288: 40'④584,479Yesterday
Chapter 287: 40'③816,226Yesterday
Chapter 286: 40'②337,414Yesterday
Chapter 285: 40'①330,219Yesterday
Chapter 284: Reception963,460Yesterday
Chapter 281: Garulla224,162Yesterday
Chapter 278: Those Boots888,752Yesterday
Chapter 275: Crow Talk232,373Yesterday
Chapter 268: N-Box552,958Yesterday
Chapter 264: In My Hands747,644Yesterday
Chapter 261: I Am265,609Yesterday
Chapter 260705,238Yesterday
Chapter 259424,896Yesterday
Chapter 258622,091Yesterday
Chapter 257467,643Yesterday
Chapter 256482,925Yesterday
Chapter 255473,275Yesterday
Chapter 25497,899Yesterday
Chapter 253244,395Yesterday
Chapter 252865,307Yesterday
Chapter 251715,689Yesterday
Chapter 250604,663Yesterday
Chapter 249490,151Yesterday
Vol.20 Chapter 205: Road225,938Yesterday
Vol.14 Chapter 142: Rope459,923Yesterday
Vol.13 Chapter 133: L30,105Yesterday
Chapter 121: Baptism746,854Yesterday
Chapter 120: Osim Style275,785Yesterday
Vol.12 Chapter 117: Rain707,437Yesterday
Vol.8 Chapter 80: Choice686,117Yesterday
Vol.8 Chapter 76: Happy563,985Yesterday
Vol.7 Chapter 72: Ant332,235Yesterday
Vol.7 Chapter 71: Neck972,077Yesterday
Vol.7 Chapter 62: Piece390,796Yesterday
Chapter 61: Change582,504Yesterday
Chapter 51: 3583,907Yesterday
Chapter 50: Eye To Eye760,957Yesterday
Vol.5 Chapter 42: A (3)554,215Yesterday
Vol.5 Chapter 41: A (2)105,163Yesterday
Vol.5 Chapter 40: A (1)364,018Yesterday
Vol.4 Chapter 34990,174Yesterday
Vol.4 Chapter 31: Taunt626,326Yesterday
Vol.4 Chapter 30: Walk539,846Yesterday
Vol.2 Chapter 16: Crow308,086Yesterday
Chapter 14: Cold Eyes441,627Yesterday
Vol.2 Chapter 11: Akutsu885,371Yesterday
Vol.1 Chapter 7: To Meet597,163Yesterday
Vol.1 Chapter 5: Flash547,373Yesterday

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