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  • Artist Acro

    Alternative : アーティストアクロ ; Artist Akuro

  • Author(s) : Sakurai Ato
  • Status : Ongoing - No Set Relea
  • Last updated : Dec-03-2023 23:12:27 PM
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  • Genres : Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen
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Artist Acro summary:

Once upon a time, artists were able to use their special skills freely, until seven years ago with a group of artists began using souls as raw materials for their work. Now society lives in fear of artists as a young man named Acro Hamburger travels to the capital city to ply his trade as a sculptor and to realize his dream of becoming a great artist.(from wikipedia)
Maybe coming in the next issue
Artist Acro Chapter 68
Artist Acro Chapter 69
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 5097,550Yesterday
Chapter 48431,538Yesterday
Chapter 46681,792Yesterday
Vol.5 Chapter 45675,038Yesterday
Vol.5 Chapter 44147,978Yesterday
Chapter 43705,424Yesterday
Vol.5 Chapter 42344,216Yesterday
Vol.5 Chapter 41225,130Yesterday
Vol.5 Chapter 4061,560Yesterday
Vol.5 Chapter 39975,817Yesterday
Chapter 3849,251Yesterday
Vol.5 Chapter 375,852Yesterday
Vol.4 Chapter 36548,576Yesterday
Vol.4 Chapter 35725,996Yesterday
Vol.4 Chapter 34247,439Yesterday
Vol.4 Chapter 33751,866Yesterday
Vol.4 Chapter 32963,841Yesterday
Vol.4 Chapter 31692,704Yesterday
Chapter 3028,103Yesterday
Chapter 29208,542Yesterday
Chapter 2895,997Yesterday
Chapter 27176,399Yesterday
Chapter 26527,070Yesterday
Chapter 25570,132Yesterday
Chapter 24381,424Yesterday
Chapter 23603,976Yesterday
Chapter 22101,945Yesterday
Chapter 21918,576Yesterday
Chapter 2014,773Yesterday
Chapter 19968,072Yesterday
Chapter 18737,862Yesterday
Chapter 17403,822Yesterday
Chapter 16140,472Yesterday
Chapter 15648,422Yesterday
Chapter 14155,516Yesterday
Chapter 13825,673Yesterday
Chapter 12239,901Yesterday
Chapter 1115,290Yesterday
Chapter 1025,347Yesterday
Chapter 9155,965Yesterday
Chapter 8539,642Yesterday
Chapter 723,866Yesterday

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