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Bride Of Obsidian CHAPTER LIST
  • Bride Of Obsidian

    Alternative : 흑요석의 신부 ; Obsidian Bride

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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jul-17-2024 22:07:31 PM
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Bride Of Obsidian summary:

A miserable life where even dreams of love were out of reach. The night I tried to end my life from the exhaustion of my joyless marriage, a special invitation arrived unexpectedly. is a luxurious party attended by only the most outstanding people. A place where they can meet a marriage partner solely based on "true love" while concealing their face and status."If you were granted the opportunity to become a shining Jewel, like those who were specially selected..."My choice from that night changed everything.
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Chapter 40119,459Yesterday
Chapter 39749,926Yesterday
Chapter 38813,345Yesterday
Chapter 37214,408Yesterday
Chapter 36920,624Yesterday
Chapter 35737,214Yesterday
Chapter 34838,862Yesterday
Chapter 33557,018Yesterday
Chapter 32882,488Yesterday
Chapter 3117,090Yesterday
Chapter 30727,541Yesterday
Chapter 29561,985Yesterday
Chapter 28371,403Yesterday
Chapter 27612,599Yesterday
Chapter 26401,296Yesterday
Chapter 25170,451Yesterday
Chapter 24854,018Yesterday
Chapter 23821,047Yesterday
Chapter 22663,638Yesterday
Chapter 21358,428Yesterday
Chapter 20549,828Yesterday
Chapter 19250,112Yesterday
Chapter 1875,723Yesterday
Chapter 17438,437Yesterday
Chapter 16374,599Yesterday
Chapter 1572,606Yesterday
Chapter 14314,684Yesterday
Chapter 1392,781Yesterday
Chapter 12777,417Yesterday
Chapter 11610,752Yesterday
Chapter 9392,381Yesterday
Chapter 8579,969Yesterday
Chapter 7857,204Yesterday
Chapter 6961,743Yesterday
Chapter 5242,010Yesterday
Chapter 4281,043Yesterday
Chapter 380,059Yesterday
Chapter 243,273Yesterday
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