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Demon X Angel, Can't Get Along! CHAPTER LIST
  • Demon X Angel, Can't Get Along!

    Alternative : Demon X Angel Can't Get Along! ; 恶魔X天使 不能友好相处

  • Author(s) : Filo Cat ; 菲洛猫
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Nov-25-2023 02:11:24 AM
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  • Genres : Comedy, Fantasy, Manhua, Romance
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Demon X Angel, Can't Get Along! summary:

Demons and angels are two opposite races. As the times change, they are tired of fighting. In order to coexist peacefully, they decided to start a marriage plan! The plan has a one-year observation period. If the devil and angel still cannot get along well, the marriage will be cancelled. As a result, Jiacheng (devil) and Yu Shanshan (angel) were “luckily” selected by lottery as marriage partners, and started a “happy” cohabitation life with the destination of divorce~
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Chapter 84: Demon's Tail327,9706 days ago
Chapter 56: Angel's Props644,3806 days ago
Chapter 48: Demon Debates804,4956 days ago
Chapter 46: Demon Talk738,3936 days ago
Chapter 45758,7986 days ago
Chapter 34629,8026 days ago
Chapter 13.5: Extra101,4716 days ago
Chapter 7463,1386 days ago
Chapter 6963,3376 days ago
Chapter 5209,0076 days ago
Chapter 412,0386 days ago
Chapter 3138,8956 days ago
Chapter 2999,8366 days ago
Chapter 172,7046 days ago
Chapter 0447,1806 days ago

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