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  • Glass Mask

    Alternative : ガラスの仮面 ; 千面女郎 ; 玻璃面具 ; Garasu no Kamen ; Glass no Kamen ; Il grande sogno di Maya ; Laura ou la Passion du Theatre ; Mặt Nạ Thủy Tinh ; The Glass Mask ; Topeng Kaca

  • Author(s) : Miuchi Suzue
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jun-08-2024 07:06:01 AM
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  • Genres : Comedy, Drama, Romance, Shoujo
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Glass Mask summary:

Maya Kitajima loves acting with a passion. But the odds seem stacked against her--she's working as a delivery girl at a noodle shop and bogged down with school... Still, nothing could stop her love for drama... Will she ever get the chance to pursue her dreams?From Shoujo Manga Maniac:Chigusa Tsukikage holds the rights to the play “The Crimson Goddess,” a lost masterpiece that many would love to see brought back to the stage. Tsukikage, however, won’t allow the cherished work to be diminished by an actress who isn’t worthy of playing the title role. Fortunately, she has found two young actresses that just might be worthy: Maya Kitajima and Ayumi Himekawa. Though both actresses are exceptionally talented, only one can win the coveted role.
Maybe coming in the next issue
Glass Mask Chapter 272
Glass Mask Chapter 273
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Vol.49 Chapter 271656,832last month
Vol.49 Chapter 2704,282last month
Vol.49 Chapter 26995,538last month
Vol.49 Chapter 268279,288last month
Vol.49 Chapter 267448,444last month
Vol.49 Chapter 266409,928last month
Vol.48 Chapter 265659,045last month
Vol.48 Chapter 264263,874last month
Vol.48 Chapter 263129,940last month
Vol.48 Chapter 262404,504last month
Vol.48 Chapter 261492,999last month
Vol.48 Chapter 260417,099last month
Vol.47 Chapter 259398,717last month
Vol.47 Chapter 258457,030last month
Chapter 256809,864last month
Vol.47 Chapter 255192,355last month
Vol.47 Chapter 254673,021last month
Vol.47 Chapter 253722,669last month
Vol.46 Chapter 252536,026last month
Vol.46 Chapter 251314,556last month
Vol.46 Chapter 250908,862last month
Vol.46 Chapter 249872,880last month
Vol.46 Chapter 248896,236last month
Vol.46 Chapter 247641,010last month
Vol.45 Chapter 24631,068last month
Vol.45 Chapter 245370,084last month
Vol.45 Chapter 244890,144last month
Vol.45 Chapter 243684,774last month
Chapter 242339,434last month
Vol.45 Chapter 241557,389last month
Vol.44 Chapter 240253,649last month
Vol.44 Chapter 239524,253last month
Vol.44 Chapter 238853,714last month
Vol.44 Chapter 237556,190last month
Vol.44 Chapter 23686,405last month
Vol.43 Chapter 235699,549last month
Vol.43 Chapter 234781,688last month
Vol.43 Chapter 233591,326last month
Vol.43 Chapter 23252,675last month
Vol.43 Chapter 231222,539last month
Vol.42 Chapter 230138,942last month
Vol.42 Chapter 229429,793last month
Vol.42 Chapter 22866,806last month
Vol.42 Chapter 227365,804last month
Vol.42 Chapter 226601,288last month
Vol.41 Chapter 225752,840last month
Vol.41 Chapter 224505,363last month
Vol.41 Chapter 223139,540last month
Vol.41 Chapter 222399,344last month
Vol.41 Chapter 221748,328last month
Vol.41 Chapter 220352,053last month
Vol.40 Chapter 219706,884last month
Vol.40 Chapter 218945,406last month
Chapter 217511,625last month
Chapter 216138,391last month
Chapter 21516,460last month
Chapter 214470,883last month
Chapter 213832,225last month
Chapter 212479,145last month
Chapter 211968,972last month
Chapter 210670,307last month
Chapter 209727,441last month
Chapter 208970,147last month
Chapter 207906,661last month
Chapter 206406,820last month
Chapter 205780,082last month
Chapter 204380,795last month
Chapter 20313,457last month
Chapter 20218,734last month
Chapter 201989,251last month
Chapter 200360,223last month
Chapter 199583,370last month
Chapter 198178,157last month
Chapter 197547,735last month
Chapter 196889,022last month
Chapter 195109,519last month
Chapter 194710,715last month
Chapter 193458,363last month
Chapter 192970,067last month
Chapter 191465,568last month
Chapter 190416,480last month
Chapter 18992,358last month
Chapter 188789,833last month
Chapter 187742,692last month
Chapter 18653,328last month
Chapter 18513,777last month
Chapter 184108,115last month
Chapter 183370,140last month
Chapter 182716,600last month
Chapter 181474,168last month
Chapter 18036,137last month
Chapter 179524,717last month
Chapter 178558,108last month
Chapter 177178,199last month
Chapter 176486,271last month
Chapter 175346,214last month
Chapter 174830,065last month
Chapter 173701,287last month
Chapter 172644,336last month
Chapter 171212,884last month
Chapter 170942,746last month
Chapter 169337,230last month
Chapter 168907,267last month
Chapter 167729,067last month
Chapter 166269,302last month
Chapter 165296,510last month
Chapter 164798,215last month
Chapter 163719,281last month
Vol.31 Chapter 16245,489last month
Vol.31 Chapter 161314,845last month
Vol.30 Chapter 160706,237last month
Vol.30 Chapter 159109,075last month
Vol.30 Chapter 158578,017last month
Vol.30 Chapter 15767,831last month
Vol.30 Chapter 156727,192last month
Vol.30 Chapter 155615,388last month
Chapter 154465,196last month
Vol.29 Chapter 153746,436last month
Vol.29 Chapter 152660,306last month
Vol.29 Chapter 151482,222last month
Chapter 150823,570last month
Vol.29 Chapter 149987,554last month
Vol.28 Chapter 148851,480last month
Vol.28 Chapter 147319,264last month
Vol.28 Chapter 146717,031last month
Vol.28 Chapter 145831,356last month
Vol.28 Chapter 144523,324last month
Vol.28 Chapter 1437,805last month
Vol.27 Chapter 142399,060last month
Vol.27 Chapter 141751,923last month
Vol.27 Chapter 140155,260last month
Vol.27 Chapter 139127,067last month
Vol.27 Chapter 138680,240last month
Vol.27 Chapter 13736,478last month
Vol.26 Chapter 13674,133last month
Vol.26 Chapter 135245,301last month
Vol.26 Chapter 134328,458last month
Vol.26 Chapter 133978,835last month
Vol.26 Chapter 13227,061last month
Vol.26 Chapter 131616,745last month
Vol.25 Chapter 130146,498last month
Vol.25 Chapter 129561,113last month
Vol.25 Chapter 128988,462last month
Vol.25 Chapter 127932,714last month
Vol.25 Chapter 12688,282last month
Vol.25 Chapter 125700,795last month
Vol.24 Chapter 124426,828last month
Vol.24 Chapter 123948,450last month
Vol.24 Chapter 122100,230last month
Vol.24 Chapter 121339,057last month
Vol.24 Chapter 120314,002last month
Vol.24 Chapter 119825,968last month
Vol.23 Chapter 118513,870last month
Vol.23 Chapter 117111,768last month
Vol.23 Chapter 116209,905last month
Vol.23 Chapter 115761,664last month
Vol.23 Chapter 114529,122last month
Vol.22 Chapter 113680,413last month
Vol.22 Chapter 112277,500last month
Vol.22 Chapter 111498,445last month
Vol.22 Chapter 110240,991last month
Vol.22 Chapter 109419,234last month
Vol.22 Chapter 108637,345last month
Vol.21 Chapter 107124,929last month
Vol.21 Chapter 106848,188last month
Vol.21 Chapter 105289,900last month
Vol.21 Chapter 104953,440last month
Vol.21 Chapter 103648,152last month
Vol.20 Chapter 102569,433last month
Vol.20 Chapter 101533,598last month
Vol.20 Chapter 100220,630last month
Vol.20 Chapter 9979,085last month
Vol.20 Chapter 98995,735last month
Vol.20 Chapter 97989,813last month
Vol.19 Chapter 96875,216last month
Vol.19 Chapter 9577,796last month
Vol.19 Chapter 94431,241last month
Vol.19 Chapter 93632,518last month
Vol.19 Chapter 92941,254last month
Vol.19 Chapter 91869,598last month
Vol.18 Chapter 9011,763last month
Vol.18 Chapter 89205,050last month
Vol.18 Chapter 88134,521last month
Vol.18 Chapter 87870,621last month
Vol.18 Chapter 86456,900last month
Vol.17 Chapter 8543,887last month
Vol.17 Chapter 84239,163last month
Vol.17 Chapter 83305,151last month
Vol.17 Chapter 82301,510last month
Vol.17 Chapter 81571,079last month
Vol.16 Chapter 80384,375last month
Vol.16 Chapter 7956,542last month
Vol.16 Chapter 78311,860last month
Vol.16 Chapter 77921,124last month
Vol.16 Chapter 76668,871last month
Vol.15 Chapter 75310,375last month
Vol.15 Chapter 74517,095last month
Vol.15 Chapter 73866,060last month
Vol.15 Chapter 72208,665last month
Vol.15 Chapter 71304,883last month
Vol.14 Chapter 70507,452last month
Vol.14 Chapter 69113,530last month
Vol.14 Chapter 68860,532last month
Vol.14 Chapter 67319,549last month
Vol.14 Chapter 66730,429last month
Vol.13 Chapter 655,154last month
Vol.13 Chapter 64986,876last month
Vol.13 Chapter 63683,222last month
Vol.13 Chapter 62895,529last month
Vol.13 Chapter 61532,968last month
Vol.12 Chapter 60315,215last month
Vol.12 Chapter 5956,479last month
Vol.12 Chapter 58387,853last month
Vol.12 Chapter 57542,489last month
Vol.12 Chapter 56986,569last month
Vol.11 Chapter 55992,998last month
Vol.11 Chapter 5458,654last month
Vol.11 Chapter 53340,554last month
Vol.11 Chapter 52374,862last month
Vol.11 Chapter 51178,888last month
Vol.10 Chapter 50310,274last month
Vol.10 Chapter 49545,529last month
Vol.10 Chapter 48781,068last month
Vol.10 Chapter 47737,075last month
Vol.10 Chapter 46706,826last month
Vol.9 Chapter 45345,820last month
Vol.9 Chapter 4483,162last month
Vol.9 Chapter 43151,406last month
Vol.9 Chapter 42335,821last month
Vol.9 Chapter 41303,612last month
Vol.8 Chapter 40179,743last month
Vol.39 Chapter 6369,923last month
Vol.39 Chapter 5667,079last month
Vol.39 Chapter 4495,234last month
Vol.39 Chapter 3120,574last month
Vol.39 Chapter 2441,165last month
Vol.39 Chapter 1814,040last month
Vol.38 Chapter 6448,772last month
Vol.38 Chapter 5854,090last month
Vol.38 Chapter 4957,927last month
Vol.38 Chapter 374,496last month
Vol.38 Chapter 2905,302last month
Vol.38 Chapter 1963,291last month
Vol.37 Chapter 6821,631last month
Vol.37 Chapter 5311,865last month
Vol.37 Chapter 4259,247last month
Vol.37 Chapter 3970,647last month
Vol.37 Chapter 2992,585last month
Vol.37 Chapter 1877,453last month
Vol.36 Chapter 6517,196last month
Vol.36 Chapter 5475,252last month
Vol.36 Chapter 4548,271last month
Vol.36 Chapter 3253,801last month
Vol.36 Chapter 2471,592last month
Vol.36 Chapter 1597,500last month
Vol.35 Chapter 6395,150last month
Vol.35 Chapter 5186,839last month
Vol.35 Chapter 4996,236last month
Vol.35 Chapter 3743,639last month
Vol.35 Chapter 2562,036last month
Vol.35 Chapter 1283,907last month
Vol.34 Chapter 6566,890last month
Vol.34 Chapter 5993,194last month
Vol.34 Chapter 4620,844last month
Vol.34 Chapter 3161,954last month
Vol.34 Chapter 2572,172last month
Vol.34 Chapter 1750,511last month
Vol.33 Chapter 6131,527last month
Vol.33 Chapter 5564,909last month
Vol.33 Chapter 4998,570last month
Vol.33 Chapter 3954,212last month
Vol.33 Chapter 2957,556last month
Vol.33 Chapter 1400,339last month
Vol.32 Chapter 6397,984last month
Vol.32 Chapter 5444,837last month
Vol.32 Chapter 4966,037last month
Vol.32 Chapter 3542,416last month
Vol.32 Chapter 251,345last month
Vol.32 Chapter 1801,960last month
Vol.31 Chapter 6764,755last month
Vol.31 Chapter 5518,930last month
Vol.31 Chapter 4627,418last month
Vol.31 Chapter 3468,076last month
Vol.31 Chapter 279,633last month
Vol.31 Chapter 1253,297last month
Vol.30 Chapter 6590,250last month
Vol.30 Chapter 5786,978last month
Vol.30 Chapter 4204,166last month
Vol.30 Chapter 313,517last month
Vol.30 Chapter 211,580last month
Vol.30 Chapter 1253,316last month
Vol.29 Chapter 629,134last month
Vol.29 Chapter 5552,794last month
Vol.29 Chapter 4716,286last month
Vol.29 Chapter 3663,161last month
Vol.29 Chapter 2204,613last month
Vol.29 Chapter 1929,095last month
Vol.28 Chapter 1383,964last month
Vol.27 Chapter 056,575last month
Vol.26 Chapter 5697,270last month
Vol.26 Chapter 4554,693last month
Vol.26 Chapter 3484,547last month
Vol.26 Chapter 2947,055last month
Vol.26 Chapter 194,436last month
Vol.25 Chapter 6394,496last month
Vol.25 Chapter 5408,664last month
Vol.25 Chapter 4423,049last month
Vol.25 Chapter 346,118last month
Vol.25 Chapter 2786,592last month
Vol.25 Chapter 1125,604last month
Vol.24 Chapter 6914,865last month
Vol.24 Chapter 5225,214last month
Vol.24 Chapter 413,384last month
Vol.24 Chapter 3729,324last month
Vol.24 Chapter 2620,637last month
Vol.24 Chapter 1149,538last month
Vol.23 Chapter 6613,603last month
Vol.23 Chapter 572,393last month
Vol.23 Chapter 4461,120last month
Vol.23 Chapter 3575,389last month
Vol.23 Chapter 2377,682last month
Vol.23 Chapter 1217,082last month
Vol.22 Chapter 6191,957last month
Vol.22 Chapter 553,240last month
Vol.22 Chapter 4285,519last month
Vol.22 Chapter 3125,008last month
Vol.22 Chapter 2115,881last month
Vol.22 Chapter 1581,044last month
Vol.21 Chapter 26,058last month
Vol.21 Chapter 1529,001last month
Vol.20 Chapter 6531,870last month
Vol.20 Chapter 5393,662last month
Vol.20 Chapter 4780,485last month
Vol.20 Chapter 3223,337last month
Vol.20 Chapter 269,828last month
Vol.20 Chapter 1598,953last month
Vol.19 Chapter 6717,018last month
Vol.19 Chapter 5498,825last month
Vol.19 Chapter 4618,823last month
Vol.19 Chapter 3299,411last month
Vol.19 Chapter 2347,023last month
Vol.19 Chapter 1135,189last month
Vol.18 Chapter 5382,055last month
Vol.18 Chapter 4480,385last month
Vol.18 Chapter 3726,562last month
Vol.18 Chapter 2179,647last month
Vol.18 Chapter 1126,694last month
Vol.17 Chapter 5688,701last month
Vol.17 Chapter 4666,226last month
Vol.17 Chapter 3246,760last month
Vol.17 Chapter 2842,436last month
Vol.17 Chapter 1288,080last month
Vol.16 Chapter 5744,239last month
Vol.16 Chapter 4146,040last month
Vol.16 Chapter 3766,241last month
Vol.16 Chapter 2638,060last month
Vol.16 Chapter 1723,624last month
Vol.15 Chapter 5813,948last month
Vol.15 Chapter 4257,458last month
Vol.15 Chapter 3645,550last month
Vol.15 Chapter 2589,256last month
Vol.15 Chapter 1419,288last month
Vol.14 Chapter 0304,787last month
Vol.13 Chapter 0645,187last month
Vol.12 Chapter 038,673last month
Vol.11 Chapter 0896,275last month
Vol.10 Chapter 0427,777last month
Vol.9 Chapter 0983,166last month
Vol.8 Chapter 0366,486last month
Vol.7 Chapter 0908,176last month
Vol.6 Chapter 0169,123last month
Vol.5 Chapter 027,440last month
Vol.4 Chapter 0219,043last month
Vol.3 Chapter 0506,053last month
Vol.2 Chapter 0261,093last month
Vol.1 Chapter 0990,045last month

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