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Hawar Of The Winter Garden CHAPTER LIST
  • Hawar Of The Winter Garden

    Alternative : Hawar in the Winter Garden ; 겨울 정원의 하와르 ; 冬日庭院的哈布尔 ; 冬日庭院的哈布爾 ; 겨울 정원의 하와르

  • Author(s) : Minato, Raret 미나토
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Apr-15-2024 21:04:57 PM
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  • Genres : Drama, Fantasy, Manhwa, Romance
  • TransGroup :

Hawar Of The Winter Garden summary:

Princess Canola arrives in wintery Tripol expecting a warm welcome from her future husband, Edel, and his kingdom. It's love at first sight the moment she lays eyes on him. But her picture-perfect fantasy comes crashing down when the people of Tripol reject an outlander for their prince. Now, Canola has to jump through hoops just to remain in Edel's orbit. Most would crumble under the pressure, but Canola isn't about to miss her chance to land herself a dreamy husband. She just has to find a way to melt prince charming's heart, and all the icy hearts in Tripol.
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Chapter 43183,176Yesterday
Chapter 42331,408Yesterday
Chapter 4122,546Yesterday
Chapter 40867,920Yesterday
Chapter 39702,276Yesterday
Chapter 38880,853Yesterday
Chapter 37341,508Yesterday
Chapter 3696,312Yesterday
Chapter 35168,146Yesterday
Chapter 34982,378Yesterday
Chapter 33212,931Yesterday
Chapter 32767,184Yesterday
Chapter 31400,997Yesterday
Chapter 30433,741Yesterday
Chapter 29378,779Yesterday
Chapter 28179,667Yesterday
Chapter 27361,790Yesterday
Chapter 2633,668Yesterday
Chapter 25601,446Yesterday
Chapter 24438,219Yesterday
Chapter 23247,558Yesterday
Chapter 22546,761Yesterday
Chapter 21398,642Yesterday
Chapter 20883,645Yesterday
Chapter 19300,159Yesterday
Chapter 18174,918Yesterday
Chapter 17719,242Yesterday
Chapter 16908,667Yesterday
Chapter 15739,579Yesterday
Chapter 14562,677Yesterday
Chapter 13317,470Yesterday
Chapter 12182,562Yesterday
Chapter 11263,959Yesterday
Chapter 10668,915Yesterday
Chapter 9712,383Yesterday
Chapter 831,117Yesterday
Chapter 7320,901Yesterday
Chapter 6363,807Yesterday
Chapter 5900,040Yesterday
Chapter 4372,316Yesterday
Chapter 3710,150Yesterday
Chapter 2758,533Yesterday
Chapter 110,226Yesterday

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