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Heavenly Grand Archive’S Young Master CHAPTER LIST

Heavenly Grand Archive’S Young Master summary:

The soul of the charming and imposing Murim Alliance Leader, Hu Gong, suddenly possesses the body of a darn young man’s body one day.That young man’s name is Beom Hang. He’s the young master of the ‘Heavenly Grand Archive’, one of the three major archives of the jianghu, yet a sorry excuse of a person.In order to determine why his soul has swapped bodies, Hu Gong begins to train Beom Hang’s body. When the possessed young master of the Heavenly Grand Archive’s movements are totally different from how they used to be, it starts to attract the attention of the jianghu…
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 80333,742Yesterday
Chapter 7928,197Yesterday
Chapter 78131,972Yesterday
Chapter 77101,387Yesterday
Chapter 76807,093Yesterday
Chapter 75982,277Yesterday
Chapter 74460,116Yesterday
Chapter 7338,272Yesterday
Chapter 72684,850Yesterday
Chapter 71963,292Yesterday
Chapter 70314,337Yesterday
Chapter 69789,476Yesterday
Chapter 68350,360Yesterday
Chapter 67913,811Yesterday
Chapter 66660,724Yesterday
Chapter 65287,035Yesterday
Chapter 64868,253Yesterday
Chapter 63607,945Yesterday
Chapter 627,167Yesterday
Chapter 61357,820Yesterday
Chapter 60577,160Yesterday
Chapter 5987,927Yesterday
Chapter 58851,996Yesterday
Chapter 57197,318Yesterday
Chapter 56908,468Yesterday
Chapter 55912,663Yesterday
Chapter 54310,469Yesterday
Chapter 53665,963Yesterday
Chapter 5269,149Yesterday
Chapter 51756,996Yesterday
Chapter 50966,013Yesterday
Chapter 49967,436Yesterday
Chapter 48546,795Yesterday
Chapter 47500,643Yesterday
Chapter 46171,321Yesterday
Chapter 45466,349Yesterday
Chapter 44903,274Yesterday
Chapter 43855,790Yesterday
Chapter 4249,708Yesterday
Chapter 41484,754Yesterday
Chapter 40638,110Yesterday
Chapter 39262,062Yesterday
Chapter 38170,526Yesterday
Chapter 37818,891Yesterday
Chapter 36224,874Yesterday
Chapter 35579,961Yesterday
Chapter 34687,116Yesterday
Chapter 33468,199Yesterday
Chapter 32139,131Yesterday
Chapter 31168,093Yesterday
Chapter 30521,527Yesterday
Chapter 29956,169Yesterday
Chapter 28767,708Yesterday
Chapter 2798,636Yesterday
Chapter 2642,318Yesterday
Chapter 25700,494Yesterday
Chapter 24747,573Yesterday
Chapter 23867,209Yesterday
Chapter 22886,798Yesterday
Chapter 21654,403Yesterday
Chapter 20455,021Yesterday
Chapter 19543,460Yesterday
Chapter 18405,782Yesterday
Chapter 17576,497Yesterday
Chapter 16112,952Yesterday
Chapter 15681,660Yesterday
Chapter 14156,170Yesterday
Chapter 13558,725Yesterday
Chapter 12733,522Yesterday
Chapter 11855,463Yesterday
Chapter 10379,309Yesterday
Chapter 9136,377Yesterday
Chapter 8160,633Yesterday
Chapter 7782,571Yesterday
Chapter 6959,236Yesterday
Chapter 5610,337Yesterday
Chapter 4475,454Yesterday
Chapter 3295,609Yesterday
Chapter 2566,908Yesterday
Chapter 1340,796Yesterday

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