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I Raised The Villains Preciously CHAPTER LIST

I Raised The Villains Preciously summary:

I will become the nursery teacher of the children who would become the future Black Sorcerer, the Heads of Dark Guild, and Psychopath Emperor. I didn’t want to get entangled and wanted to sneak out of the nursery, but instead, I decided to raise the poor little villains with full sincerity.“Teacher, are you leaving us behind?”——“If you look at this handsome face a little more, you won’t be able to win.”Masha, who had taken off his dress and wore a neat uniform, grew up as a narcissistic adult.“Teacher, the more dangerous I am, the more likely you will not take your eyes off of me. I’m weak at the poor things.”Although he is the Empire’s number one in rough and fierce ways, Jeremy is strangely soft for Hannah, but his way of affection was a little off.“I’m going to listen to whatever you want. Whatever it is, whatever it is for. Instead, the teacher should stay with me.”Ian, who became emperor, is he truly such a foolish pushover? If so, is he hiding something else?Oh, come on.I think I raised them properly, but I think there’s a bit of a problem.“I have a lot of impure things I want to do with you.”Hello, Pope, what’s wrong with you?
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 46722,445July 2023
Chapter 45256,726July 2023
Vol.1 Chapter 44565,510July 2023
Vol.1 Chapter 43202,553July 2023
Vol.1 Chapter 42572,854July 2023
Vol.1 Chapter 4146,975July 2023
Vol.1 Chapter 40579,193July 2023
Chapter 39974,538July 2023
Vol.1 Chapter 38917,176July 2023
Vol.1 Chapter 37191,653July 2023
Chapter 36174,621July 2023
Chapter 35392,877July 2023
Chapter 342,926July 2023
Vol.1 Chapter 33373,943July 2023
Vol.1 Chapter 32925,462July 2023
Vol.1 Chapter 31236,994July 2023
Vol.1 Chapter 30378,622July 2023
Vol.1 Chapter 29657,658July 2023
Vol.1 Chapter 28682,647July 2023
Vol.1 Chapter 27113,874July 2023
Vol.1 Chapter 26461,673July 2023
Vol.1 Chapter 25115,388July 2023
Vol.1 Chapter 24454,027July 2023
Vol.1 Chapter 23531,659July 2023
Vol.1 Chapter 22611,695July 2023
Vol.1 Chapter 21570,391July 2023
Vol.1 Chapter 20708,789July 2023
Vol.1 Chapter 19832,617July 2023
Vol.1 Chapter 18683,496July 2023
Vol.1 Chapter 17902,557July 2023
Vol.1 Chapter 1675,014July 2023
Vol.1 Chapter 15315,803July 2023
Chapter 14829,204July 2023
Chapter 13646,354July 2023
Chapter 12717,583July 2023
Chapter 11908,602July 2023
Chapter 1028,462July 2023
Chapter 9275,868July 2023
Chapter 8439,969July 2023
Chapter 7231,234July 2023
Chapter 6.5736,700July 2023
Chapter 6318,460July 2023
Chapter 5.5556,795July 2023
Chapter 5762,937July 2023
Chapter 4.5736,403July 2023
Chapter 4813,624July 2023
Chapter 3.5420,764July 2023
Chapter 3758,268July 2023
Chapter 256,879July 2023
Chapter 1436,077July 2023

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