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I Work Nine To Five In The Immortal Cultivation World CHAPTER LIST
  • I Work Nine To Five In The Immortal Cultivation World

    Alternative : Wo Zai Xiuxian Shijie Chao Jiu Wan Wu ; I Live From Nine to Five in the World of Cultivating Immortals ; I Work Nine to Five in the Immortal Cultivation World ; Wǒ Zài Xiūxiān Shìjiè Cháo Jiǔ Wǎn Wǔ ; 我在修仙世界朝九晚五

  • Author(s) : 欢欢, 闻源文化
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jun-11-2024 17:06:34 PM
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  • Genres : Action, Fantasy, Historical, Manhua, Martial arts, Shounen
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I Work Nine To Five In The Immortal Cultivation World summary:

Hua Qingyuan, died suddenly due to being overly exhausted from working the ‘996’ schedule. However, he found himself transported to a fantasy world and became a disciple of the Qingyun Sword Sect. Determined not to repeat the mistakes of his past life, he resolved to work only 8 hours a day and not to spend even a half a minute practicing cultivation. He became an anomaly in the entire Qingyun Sword Sect, lazily lying under a tree while others practiced day and night. He enjoyed his life after work, while others worked tirelessly on their swordsmanship. Nevertheless, his almost abnormal talent in swordsmanship made him a formidable presence. In the face of requests from his master, fellow disciples, and the sect leader, as well as sudden attacks from the demonic sect and challenges from other young talents, he remained resolute: do not bother me until it’s time to work!
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Chapter 67237,694Yesterday
Chapter 66385,984Yesterday
Chapter 65948,742Yesterday
Chapter 64198,965Yesterday
Chapter 63384,530Yesterday
Chapter 62139,448Yesterday
Chapter 61488,623Yesterday
Chapter 60270,826Yesterday
Chapter 5925,965Yesterday
Chapter 58252,870Yesterday
Chapter 57803,987Yesterday
Chapter 56880,305Yesterday
Chapter 5594,443Yesterday
Chapter 54571,162Yesterday
Chapter 53359,186Yesterday
Chapter 52569,599Yesterday
Chapter 51202,821Yesterday
Chapter 50733,727Yesterday
Chapter 49242,584Yesterday
Chapter 48852,407Yesterday
Chapter 4750,110Yesterday
Chapter 46555,932Yesterday
Chapter 45993,804Yesterday
Chapter 44674,074Yesterday
Chapter 4350,270Yesterday
Chapter 42931,195Yesterday
Chapter 41447,138Yesterday
Chapter 40836,847Yesterday
Chapter 39677,771Yesterday
Chapter 3834,252Yesterday
Chapter 37477,439Yesterday
Chapter 36512,109Yesterday
Chapter 35235,381Yesterday
Chapter 34147,283Yesterday
Chapter 33521,695Yesterday
Chapter 32277,643Yesterday
Chapter 31891,796Yesterday
Chapter 30769,102Yesterday
Chapter 29316,554Yesterday
Chapter 28235,963Yesterday
Chapter 27931,278Yesterday
Chapter 2635,095Yesterday
Chapter 2555,847Yesterday
Chapter 24351,599Yesterday
Chapter 23306,729Yesterday
Chapter 2285,260Yesterday
Chapter 214,466Yesterday
Chapter 2048,873Yesterday
Chapter 19287,164Yesterday
Chapter 18556,693Yesterday
Chapter 17324,357Yesterday
Chapter 16358,913Yesterday
Chapter 15681,306Yesterday
Chapter 14533,040Yesterday
Chapter 13113,587Yesterday
Chapter 12233,295Yesterday
Chapter 1144,876Yesterday
Chapter 10117,133Yesterday
Chapter 9976,425Yesterday
Chapter 8150,477Yesterday
Chapter 775,167Yesterday
Chapter 6159,106Yesterday
Chapter 566,653Yesterday
Chapter 4612,602Yesterday
Chapter 3754,290Yesterday
Chapter 2610,635Yesterday
Chapter 1944,146Yesterday

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