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Juliet, This Isn't Kansas! CHAPTER LIST
  • Juliet, This Isn't Kansas!

    Alternative : Juliet, You're Not In Kansas Anymore! ;줄리엣, 여긴 캔자스가 아니야!; Juliet, We're Not in Kansas Anymore!

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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Apr-13-2024 19:04:55 PM
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Juliet, This Isn't Kansas! summary:

Why did Shakespeare give the FL of his story the name Juliet?If he'd instead given that extremely tragic story the name my life would be so much better!A highschooler in Kansas, Juliet Holiday had some minor inconveniences as her first name was very well known, but her days were relatively normal.Or it was- before a student named Romeo transferred over."HI, it's great that I was able to meet you like this. My name is Romeo."From the eccentric bearer of that fateful name, Romeo Buchanan,to American football quarterback Grey Holt, and childhood friend Luke Theobald...Due to the ever changing relantionships between her and these people, her school life quickly becomes more and more of a mess.+
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Chapter 34574,001Yesterday
Chapter 33518,983Yesterday
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Chapter 31546,417Yesterday
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Chapter 27478,052Yesterday
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Chapter 23456,125Yesterday
Chapter 22584,090Yesterday
Chapter 21787,045Yesterday
Chapter 20486,151Yesterday
Chapter 19395,758Yesterday
Chapter 18925,577Yesterday
Chapter 1782,821Yesterday
Chapter 16663,410Yesterday
Chapter 15412,317Yesterday
Chapter 1463,829Yesterday
Chapter 13141,988Yesterday
Chapter 1269,203Yesterday
Chapter 11217,522Yesterday
Chapter 10765,270Yesterday
Chapter 9402,789Yesterday
Chapter 8154,557Yesterday
Chapter 7704,686Yesterday
Chapter 6991,290Yesterday
Chapter 5899,702Yesterday
Chapter 4165,342Yesterday
Chapter 320,940Yesterday
Chapter 2494,554Yesterday
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