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Lost Phoenix: Spoil The Repudiated Empress CHAPTER LIST
  • Lost Phoenix: Spoil The Repudiated Empress

    Alternative : Fenghuang Cuo: Zhuan Chong Qi Fei The Wronged Phoenix: Unwavering Love for a Disgraced Concubine 凤凰错:专宠弃妃 東方恋愛録 낙화연가

  • Author(s) : 二次元动漫
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Oct-19-2023 16:10:46 PM
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  • Genres : Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Myste, Mystery, Romance, Shoujo
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Lost Phoenix: Spoil The Repudiated Empress summary:

She was once queen. But when her face becomes partially disfigured in an accident, an imperial decree demotes Dongfang Ningxing to concubine. Not only that, but her younger sister takes her place as the new queen, while Dongfang Ningxing gets married off to the cold and brutal Prince Xueqin. And this second marriage is not a happy one, ending only in her death. Lucky for Dongfang Ningxing, her spirit is unwilling to fade away it's not her time yet! She still has work to do! So, Dongfang Ningxing gets a second chance. And this time, Dongfang Ningxing is ready. She must hone amazing talents, be the most beautiful in all the land, and must outmatch even the heavens! Will she succeed??Fenghuang Cuo: Zhuan Chong Qi FeiThe Wronged Phoenix: Unwavering Love for a Disgraced Concubine:
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 40861,716October 2023
Chapter 39882,856October 2023
Chapter 38452,934October 2023
Chapter 37739,351October 2023
Chapter 36675,163October 2023
Chapter 35582,889October 2023
Chapter 34437,002October 2023
Chapter 33158,719October 2023
Chapter 32667,003October 2023
Chapter 31432,340October 2023
Chapter 30180,178October 2023
Chapter 29389,787October 2023
Chapter 28138,959October 2023
Chapter 27940,214October 2023
Chapter 26316,106October 2023
Chapter 25246,659October 2023
Chapter 24807,160October 2023
Chapter 23339,672October 2023
Chapter 22968,448October 2023
Chapter 21580,314October 2023
Chapter 20841,518October 2023
Chapter 19316,568October 2023
Chapter 18105,622October 2023
Chapter 17107,720October 2023
Chapter 16568,886October 2023
Chapter 15268,571October 2023
Chapter 14196,251October 2023
Chapter 13180,412October 2023
Chapter 12259,241October 2023
Chapter 11993,961October 2023
Chapter 10560,862October 2023
Chapter 9543,212October 2023
Chapter 8175,907October 2023
Chapter 7.2863,952October 2023
Chapter 7392,621October 2023
Chapter 6180,597October 2023
Chapter 5520,343October 2023
Chapter 465,893October 2023
Chapter 3906,622October 2023
Chapter 2202,730October 2023
Chapter 125,171October 2023

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