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Make The Exorcist Fall In Love CHAPTER LIST
  • Make The Exorcist Fall In Love

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  • Author(s) : Updating
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Apr-16-2024 18:04:33 PM
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  • Genres : Comedy, Romance, Supernatural
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Make The Exorcist Fall In Love summary:

As the strongest exorcist, a boy chosen by God was engaged in mortal combat with the Demon Kings. Although he bears the fate of humanity on his shoulders, he actually wants to make sweets peacefully. One day, he meets a girl... This is a story of love and hope growing in the midst of a holy war.
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 63333,128Yesterday
Chapter 62139,824Yesterday
Chapter 61870,683Yesterday
Chapter 60538,183Yesterday
Chapter 59444,378Yesterday
Chapter 58929,833Yesterday
Chapter 57279,696Yesterday
Chapter 56332,293Yesterday
Chapter 55226,858Yesterday
Chapter 5411,959Yesterday
Chapter 533,387Yesterday
Chapter 52756,695Yesterday
Chapter 51180,869Yesterday
Chapter 50575,008Yesterday
Chapter 49208,897Yesterday
Chapter 48754,340Yesterday
Chapter 47817,986Yesterday
Chapter 46953,166Yesterday
Chapter 459,921Yesterday
Chapter 44305,861Yesterday
Chapter 43328,112Yesterday
Chapter 42445,858Yesterday
Chapter 41777,838Yesterday
Chapter 40781,014Yesterday
Chapter 39480,516Yesterday
Chapter 38768,211Yesterday
Chapter 37658,527Yesterday
Chapter 36256,113Yesterday
Chapter 35203,061Yesterday
Chapter 34765,137Yesterday
Chapter 33927,937Yesterday
Chapter 32986,375Yesterday
Chapter 31208,104Yesterday
Chapter 30314,317Yesterday
Chapter 29162,525Yesterday
Chapter 28508,353Yesterday
Chapter 27659,934Yesterday
Chapter 26.5257,289Yesterday
Chapter 26364,349Yesterday
Chapter 25202,282Yesterday
Chapter 24920,836Yesterday
Chapter 23262,355Yesterday
Chapter 22360,306Yesterday
Chapter 21: Comedy ②792,808Yesterday
Chapter 20: Comedy ①722,472Yesterday
Chapter 19: Premonition423,200Yesterday
Chapter 18: Bugging458,477Yesterday
Chapter 16: Ode To Joy550,764Yesterday
Chapter 15: Leviathan212,648Yesterday
Chapter 14665,089Yesterday
Chapter 13744,060Yesterday
Chapter 12297,280Yesterday
Chapter 11252,780Yesterday
Chapter 10869,450Yesterday
Chapter 9297,884Yesterday
Chapter 826,953Yesterday
Chapter 7732,958Yesterday
Chapter 6503,880Yesterday
Chapter 5350,060Yesterday
Chapter 4250,068Yesterday
Chapter 3636,255Yesterday
Chapter 2918,545Yesterday
Chapter 1864,924Yesterday

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