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Perfect Heroine Wants To Possess Me CHAPTER LIST
  • Perfect Heroine Wants To Possess Me

    Alternative : Bai Yueguang Nv Zhu Zong Xiang Duzhan Wo ; Bái Yuèguāng Nǚ Zhǔ Zǒng Xiǎng Dúzhàn Wǒ ; Perfect Heroine Wants to Possess Me ; White Moonlight Female Host Always Wants to Monopolize Me ; 白月光女主总想独占我

  • Author(s) : 鸽子不会咕咕咕, 上海临渊动漫工作室
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : May-28-2024 14:05:28 PM
  • TransGroup :
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  • Genres : Drama, Fantasy, Romance, School life, Shoujo, Shoujo ai, Tragedy
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Perfect Heroine Wants To Possess Me summary:

Ji Xiao accidentally transmigrates into a novel and becomes the Alpha villain who shares the same name as her. To save her life from disaster, she treats the perfect Omega heroine with the upmost care. The heroine, Wei Qingyu, changes her own feelings towards her enemy when faced with her abrupt change of character. She’s even gradually starting to like this “enemy”? The perfect heroine is always trying to possess the female villain, but when will she notice that the other’s heart has already been moved?
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Chapter 68216,075Yesterday
Chapter 67915,717Yesterday
Chapter 66410,037Yesterday
Chapter 65810,737Yesterday
Chapter 64281,466Yesterday
Chapter 63294,543Yesterday
Chapter 62458,426Yesterday
Chapter 61402,785Yesterday
Chapter 60976,010Yesterday
Chapter 59377,252Yesterday
Chapter 58840,316Yesterday
Chapter 57417,732Yesterday
Chapter 56341,443Yesterday
Chapter 55524,917Yesterday
Chapter 54725,325Yesterday
Chapter 53938,689Yesterday
Chapter 52316,355Yesterday
Chapter 51950,781Yesterday
Chapter 50152,847Yesterday
Chapter 49808,082Yesterday
Chapter 48495,265Yesterday
Chapter 47590,467Yesterday
Chapter 46205,371Yesterday
Chapter 45236,299Yesterday
Chapter 44551,164Yesterday
Chapter 43154,764Yesterday
Chapter 42986,188Yesterday
Chapter 41176,010Yesterday
Chapter 39594,101Yesterday
Chapter 38353,778Yesterday
Chapter 37798,392Yesterday
Chapter 36172,222Yesterday
Chapter 35: Chapter 35666,891Yesterday
Chapter 34382,599Yesterday
Chapter 33786,786Yesterday
Chapter 32: Ch 32682,477Yesterday
Chapter 31.5890,432Yesterday
Chapter 31.2391,680Yesterday
Chapter 31690,320Yesterday
Chapter 30985,156Yesterday
Chapter 29787,072Yesterday
Chapter 28548,054Yesterday
Chapter 27597,282Yesterday
Chapter 26847,240Yesterday
Chapter 25678,808Yesterday
Chapter 24693,603Yesterday
Chapter 23267,498Yesterday
Chapter 22585,197Yesterday
Chapter 21835,023Yesterday
Chapter 20631,846Yesterday
Chapter 19682,525Yesterday
Chapter 18928,501Yesterday
Chapter 17285,204Yesterday
Chapter 16382,995Yesterday
Chapter 15457,267Yesterday
Chapter 1428,251Yesterday
Chapter 13241,250Yesterday
Chapter 12345,205Yesterday
Chapter 11797,162Yesterday
Chapter 10171,540Yesterday
Chapter 9552,161Yesterday
Chapter 8: That's All297,327Yesterday
Chapter 7: Evils730,900Yesterday
Chapter 6: See Through424,091Yesterday
Chapter 5416,249Yesterday
Chapter 4643,709Yesterday
Chapter 3616,121Yesterday
Chapter 2273,152Yesterday
Chapter 1392,401Yesterday
Chapter 0663,275Yesterday

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