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Plinivs summary:

It portrays the famous naturalist Plinius. From volcanic explosions and tidal waves to the ecology of plants and animals, the work reproduces the world of Natural History, the Plinius encyclopedia describing the universe. This is a definitive historical Roman romance depicting the world 2,000 years ago through astounding composition and realistic draftsmanship.
Maybe coming in the next issue
Plinivs Chapter 57
Plinivs Chapter 58
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Vol.8 Chapter 54: Creta659,7634 weeks ago
Vol.8 Chapter 53: Conium673,8654 weeks ago
Vol.8 Chapter 51: Levite339,0064 weeks ago
Vol.7 Chapter 49: Piso210,2584 weeks ago
Vol.7 Chapter 48: Bastet432,3464 weeks ago
Vol.7 Chapter 47: Pyramis291,8334 weeks ago
Vol.7 Chapter 46: Pantheon290,3344 weeks ago
Chapter 45: Hippocampus268,5584 weeks ago
Vol.7 Chapter 44: Silenos926,6254 weeks ago
Vol.7 Chapter 43: Jupiter104,7144 weeks ago
Vol.6 Chapter 42: Claudia850,7544 weeks ago
Vol.6 Chapter 41: Deserta458,0394 weeks ago
Vol.6 Chapter 40: Seneca407,4814 weeks ago
Vol.6 Chapter 39: Ftera946,1714 weeks ago
Vol.6 Chapter 37: Africa644,8684 weeks ago
Vol.6 Chapter 36: Minerva580,2724 weeks ago
Vol.5 Chapter 35: Strabone760,4164 weeks ago
Vol.5 Chapter 34: Aeolia187,8094 weeks ago
Vol.5 Chapter 33: Pirata856,0654 weeks ago
Vol.5 Chapter 30: Asellina359,2564 weeks ago
Vol.5 Chapter 29: Larcius327,9094 weeks ago
Vol.4 Chapter 28: Malefica828,3194 weeks ago
Vol.4 Chapter 27: Christ835,6594 weeks ago
Vol.4 Chapter 26: Octavia47,9114 weeks ago
Chapter 25: Dionysus710,2874 weeks ago
Chapter 24: Lemures594,3634 weeks ago
Vol.4 Chapter 23: Pozzolana335,3504 weeks ago
Vol.4 Chapter 22: Pompeii591,0364 weeks ago
Vol.3 Chapter 21: Serinum265,7354 weeks ago
Vol.3 Chapter 20: Campania204,7544 weeks ago
Vol.3 Chapter 19: Appia134,5844 weeks ago
Vol.3 Chapter 18: Anna734,5864 weeks ago
Vol.3 Chapter 17: Burrus465,8554 weeks ago
Vol.3 Chapter 16: Unicornus283,2744 weeks ago
Vol.3 Chapter 15: Gæa467,0134 weeks ago
Vol.2 Chapter 14: Poppæa917,8784 weeks ago
Vol.2 Chapter 13: Insulæ157,2224 weeks ago
Vol.2 Chapter 12: Plautina254,3944 weeks ago
Vol.2 Chapter 11: Germania103,4904 weeks ago
Vol.2 Chapter 9: Felix624,7624 weeks ago
Vol.2 Chapter 8: Cithara4,2134 weeks ago
Vol.1 Chapter 7: Palatinus891,2584 weeks ago
Vol.1 Chapter 6: Puteoli144,0944 weeks ago
Vol.1 Chapter 5: Roma50,1694 weeks ago
Vol.1 Chapter 4: Catania735,9764 weeks ago
Vol.1 Chapter 3: Nero479,6994 weeks ago
Vol.1 Chapter 1: Vesuvius141,8584 weeks ago

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