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Princess’S Doll Shop CHAPTER LIST
  • Princess’S Doll Shop

    Alternative : 황녀님의 인형가게 / The Princess' Doll Shop

  • Author(s) : Pompom Melo, 우서라
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : May-20-2024 19:05:33 PM
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  • Genres : Fantasy, Josei, Romance, Shoujo
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Princess’S Doll Shop summary:

“There is this small thing I want to do, but I need to leave the palace.”“…Leave the palace, you say?” asked Deon nervously.Somehow, he displayed a bigger reaction to her leaving the palace compared to when Kathia asked for a country before.Kathia, blinded by the joy of her wish coming true, did not notice. She looked at Deon with sparkling eyes, as if to press him to ask more details.“What is it that you want to do?” As soon as he asked, the young girl, who would become the prettiest woman of the empire, smiled brightly and shouted:“A doll shop!”The Princess' Doll Shop
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Chapter 60811,057Yesterday
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Chapter 58546,160Yesterday
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Chapter 56627,406Yesterday
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Chapter 53837,321Yesterday
Chapter 52505,025Yesterday
Chapter 51529,672Yesterday
Chapter 50125,254Yesterday
Chapter 49912,974Yesterday
Chapter 48423,045Yesterday
Chapter 47831,496Yesterday
Chapter 4648,130Yesterday
Chapter 45242,216Yesterday
Chapter 44461,289Yesterday
Chapter 43771,089Yesterday
Chapter 42849,605Yesterday
Chapter 41991,018Yesterday
Chapter 40427,645Yesterday
Chapter 39286,136Yesterday
Chapter 38279,704Yesterday
Chapter 37662,350Yesterday
Chapter 36190,306Yesterday
Chapter 35290,979Yesterday
Chapter 34948,579Yesterday
Chapter 33756,460Yesterday
Chapter 32697,962Yesterday
Chapter 31315,858Yesterday
Chapter 30869,758Yesterday
Chapter 2921,670Yesterday
Chapter 28808,031Yesterday
Chapter 27398,026Yesterday
Chapter 26904,806Yesterday
Chapter 25437,390Yesterday
Chapter 24112,028Yesterday
Chapter 23905,792Yesterday
Chapter 22400,682Yesterday
Chapter 21912,754Yesterday
Chapter 20833,742Yesterday
Chapter 19715,606Yesterday
Chapter 18777,119Yesterday
Chapter 17579,826Yesterday
Chapter 16268,914Yesterday
Chapter 15561,529Yesterday
Chapter 14540,247Yesterday
Chapter 13474,620Yesterday
Chapter 12812,634Yesterday
Chapter 11300,777Yesterday
Chapter 10613,544Yesterday
Chapter 9174,704Yesterday
Chapter 8696,611Yesterday
Chapter 7950,590Yesterday
Chapter 6468,859Yesterday
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Chapter 4872,266Yesterday
Chapter 3964,814Yesterday
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