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Saikyou Ansatsusha, Class Ten'i De Isekai E CHAPTER LIST
  • Saikyou Ansatsusha, Class Ten'i De Isekai E

    Alternative : 最強暗殺者、クラス転移で異世界へ ; 最強暗殺者クラス転移で異世界へ ; Saikyou Ansatsusha, Class Ten'i de Isekai e ; The Strongest Assassin Gets Transported to Another World With His Class ; The Strongest Assassin Gets Transferred to Another World With His Whole Class

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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Nov-27-2023 10:11:11 AM
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Saikyou Ansatsusha, Class Ten'i De Isekai E summary:

An ordinary high school student by day, an assassin living in the underworld by the night. A boy with two faces, Aragi Kai.His classmates hate him because of his anti-social character and weird aura.One day, Aragi and his classmates were suddenly transferred to another world.It is a world of swords and magic. A woman who calls herself Leonora appears before the confused students, and declares…“You are ‘Hero Candidates’ summoned here to defeat the Demon King. Please help us.”Leonora grants each of the students a unique ability: ‘Divine Protection’.While some powerful ‘Divine Protections’ are given like telekinesis and destructive blast, Aragi’s ‘Divine Protection’ is judgment.
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Chapter 13726,3942 weeks ago
Chapter 12958,6652 weeks ago
Chapter 11732,2342 weeks ago
Chapter 10675,2222 weeks ago
Chapter 9831,4242 weeks ago
Chapter 8136,3812 weeks ago
Chapter 7963,7052 weeks ago
Chapter 6644,3612 weeks ago
Chapter 5494,5302 weeks ago
Chapter 4826,6292 weeks ago
Chapter 3748,7222 weeks ago
Chapter 2433,3422 weeks ago
Chapter 1982,5402 weeks ago

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