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Sugarless (Hosokawa Masami) CHAPTER LIST
  • Sugarless (Hosokawa Masami)

    Alternative : シュガーレス (細川雅巳) (Japanese); Sugarless无糖 (Chinese); Sugarless (English)

  • Author(s) : Hosokawa Masami
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jan-17-2024 09:01:06 AM
  • TransGroup :
  • TransGroup :
  • Genres : Action, Comedy, Martial arts, School life, Shounen
  • TransGroup :

Sugarless (Hosokawa Masami) summary:

Windmill is another name for Kujima High School and it comes from the windmill that sits at the top of the campus. But Kujima is more known for having the strongest fighters and they pit against each other to be the top dog. Shiiba Gaku is only a freshman but he has his eye set on beating Aramaki Itaru, aka Shake, who is the current boss of the school. But Gaku needs to get stronger if he wants a shot at the number one title. With classmates like the big and strong afro dude Marumo Taiji, it will be do or die for Gaku at the Windmill.
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Vol.12 Chapter 97: Mayhem816,751last month
Vol.11 Chapter 96: Solo850,862last month
Vol.10 Chapter 85: Tramp957,635last month
Vol.8 Chapter 62: Family626,516last month
Vol.8 Chapter 61: Reward273,981last month
Chapter 60560,837last month
Vol.6 Chapter 46 : God3,419last month
Chapter 45485,297last month
Chapter 42911,333last month
Vol.3 Chapter 23 : Onion659,257last month
Vol.3 Chapter 18 : Kagami562,380last month
Vol.3 Chapter 16 : Eclair569,378last month
Chapter 14267,776last month
Chapter 13983,455last month
Vol.2 Chapter 12 : Rust400,255last month
Vol.2 Chapter 10312,344last month
Vol.2 Chapter 9 : Fangs442,982last month
Vol.2 Chapter 8 : Prey604,895last month
Vol.2 Chapter 7 : Focus293,985last month
Vol.1 Chapter 6 : Hydra423,754last month
Vol.1 Chapter 2 : Shake603,818last month

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