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Tales Of A Shinning Sword CHAPTER LIST

Tales Of A Shinning Sword summary:

Eunho, the strongest in the yokai realm!He gained the chance to become a human being after losing the woman he loved and killing countless yokai.After passing the gate of reincarnation by accumulating merit for a thousand years to abandon his immortal bodyHe became a human being, held a sword, and learned martial arts for the first time.But this is very easy?
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Chapter 61994,378Yesterday
Chapter 60802,061Yesterday
Chapter 59905,882Yesterday
Chapter 58257,688Yesterday
Chapter 57590,774Yesterday
Chapter 5626,506Yesterday
Chapter 55497,786Yesterday
Chapter 54871,471Yesterday
Chapter 53952,272Yesterday
Chapter 52874,455Yesterday
Chapter 51293,475Yesterday
Chapter 50242,870Yesterday
Chapter 49509,386Yesterday
Chapter 4859,674Yesterday
Chapter 47724,384Yesterday
Chapter 46533,526Yesterday
Chapter 45827,897Yesterday
Chapter 44712,767Yesterday
Chapter 43477,442Yesterday
Chapter 42934,916Yesterday
Chapter 41337,423Yesterday
Chapter 40505,085Yesterday
Chapter 39839,760Yesterday
Chapter 38667,137Yesterday
Chapter 37323,814Yesterday
Chapter 36118,708Yesterday
Chapter 35189,394Yesterday
Chapter 34372,344Yesterday
Chapter 33513,955Yesterday
Chapter 32-5431,498Yesterday
Chapter 32292,067Yesterday
Chapter 31835,375Yesterday
Chapter 3084,424Yesterday
Chapter 2972,063Yesterday
Chapter 28252,261Yesterday
Chapter 27261,427Yesterday
Chapter 26697,540Yesterday
Chapter 25342,045Yesterday
Chapter 24587,090Yesterday
Chapter 23114,931Yesterday
Chapter 22769,938Yesterday
Chapter 21143,199Yesterday
Chapter 20236,200Yesterday
Chapter 19173,097Yesterday
Chapter 18300,854Yesterday
Chapter 1718,410Yesterday
Chapter 16804,681Yesterday
Chapter 1513,332Yesterday
Chapter 14321,467Yesterday
Chapter 13863,743Yesterday
Chapter 12737,621Yesterday
Chapter 11127,192Yesterday
Chapter 10723,737Yesterday
Chapter 9350,367Yesterday
Chapter 8699,847Yesterday
Chapter 7921,955Yesterday
Chapter 6331,389Yesterday
Chapter 5479,356Yesterday
Chapter 4239,058Yesterday
Chapter 3303,525Yesterday
Chapter 2161,396Yesterday
Chapter 151,083Yesterday

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