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The Male Lead Is In Charge Of The Successor CHAPTER LIST
  • The Male Lead Is In Charge Of The Successor

    Alternative : The Male Lead Is In Charge Of The Successor / 남주가 흑역사를 책임지라고 합니다 ; The Dark History of The Male Lead

  • Author(s) : Lobster, Jeje
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : May-27-2024 14:05:16 PM
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  • Genres : Drama, Fantasy, Romance
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The Male Lead Is In Charge Of The Successor summary:

After dying in a mysterious accident, Eisel reincarnated in another world. A strangely familiar name and events heard from various places made Eisel realize that this is a world in a book. Eisel collects clues one by one and traces which book the world has been deceived. But, what is the world in the epic fantasy novel where destruction is just around the corner?!Let's fill up some warehouses with canteen sales and save the empire from destruction, so let's live for a while! But then, she didn't know that she would keep getting involved with this guy by saving the life of a young man onceThe Male Lead Is In Charge Of The Successor /
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Chapter 40449,348Yesterday
Chapter 39240,932Yesterday
Chapter 38118,351Yesterday
Chapter 37600,817Yesterday
Chapter 36441,238Yesterday
Chapter 35986,609Yesterday
Chapter 34839,844Yesterday
Chapter 33646,429Yesterday
Chapter 32939,932Yesterday
Chapter 31469,416Yesterday
Chapter 30991,410Yesterday
Chapter 29256,067Yesterday
Chapter 28209,772Yesterday
Chapter 27667,672Yesterday
Chapter 26112,081Yesterday
Chapter 25649,562Yesterday
Chapter 24537,463Yesterday
Chapter 23838,759Yesterday
Chapter 2254,253Yesterday
Chapter 21642,460Yesterday
Chapter 20829,454Yesterday
Chapter 19979,801Yesterday
Chapter 18582,236Yesterday
Chapter 17191,577Yesterday
Chapter 16949,682Yesterday
Chapter 15805,560Yesterday
Chapter 14468,097Yesterday
Chapter 13312,391Yesterday
Chapter 12158,778Yesterday
Chapter 11621,538Yesterday
Chapter 10826,209Yesterday
Chapter 9455,799Yesterday
Chapter 8644,137Yesterday
Chapter 7160,108Yesterday
Chapter 6375,657Yesterday
Chapter 5163,346Yesterday
Chapter 4544,224Yesterday
Chapter 3284,866Yesterday
Chapter 2645,839Yesterday
Chapter 1685,395Yesterday
Chapter 0158,403Yesterday

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