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The Son Of A Dragon! Mommy Is A Criminal CHAPTER LIST
  • The Son Of A Dragon! Mommy Is A Criminal

    Alternative : Lóng Zǎi Lái Xí! Mā Mī Hěn Yòu Là ; The Dragon Cub Is Coming! Mommy Is Fierce and Spicy ; The Dragon Cubs Arrive! Mommy Is a Dragon ; The Son of a Dragon! Mommy is a Criminal ; 龙崽来袭!妈咪狠又辣

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  • Last updated : Jun-11-2024 16:06:32 PM
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The Son Of A Dragon! Mommy Is A Criminal summary:

Five years ago, Long Qin left an egg and said, "This is our son. Once he grows into an adult, I will return."Cang Xu thought Long Qin was joking, but the egg's shell cracked after a few months. A small, adorable boy crawled out of it. He even had two soft horns on his head!"Huh? Did he really just crawl out of the egg?" Although Cang Xu's son was born, Long Qin was still nowhere to be found.Five years later, his son brought a woman home. Cang Xu was stunned when he saw the woman's face.After that, he heard his son's childish voice. "Daddy, I know you don't have a wife, but you'll soon have a daughter-in-law. This woman saved me. I want to marry her!""Hell no! She's my wife! My wife! Your mother!" Cang Xu exclaimed.From then on, the two began to secretly fight for Long Qin's attention.
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