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The Supreme Almighty Master Remake CHAPTER LIST
  • The Supreme Almighty Master Remake

    Alternative : Xin Jipin Quanneng Gaoshou ; The Ultimate All-Rounder Remake ; Xīn Jípǐn Quánnéng Gāoshǒu ; 新极品全能高手

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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Apr-13-2024 09:04:04 AM
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The Supreme Almighty Master Remake summary:

The young man, Xia Tian, suddenly obtained x-ray vision and from then on began series of infinite blessings. He was apprenticed to martial arts masters, made friends with treasure experts, and won the favor of countless women... He continued to grow and became the Supreme Almighty Master one step at a time.
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Chapter 68684,003Yesterday
Chapter 67193,488Yesterday
Chapter 66406,955Yesterday
Chapter 65260,421Yesterday
Chapter 64694,487Yesterday
Chapter 63280,914Yesterday
Chapter 62721,005Yesterday
Chapter 61687,531Yesterday
Chapter 60692,885Yesterday
Chapter 59420,806Yesterday
Chapter 58340,865Yesterday
Chapter 57102,372Yesterday
Chapter 56411,670Yesterday
Chapter 55140,050Yesterday
Chapter 54417,119Yesterday
Chapter 53764,735Yesterday
Chapter 5227,144Yesterday
Chapter 51314,002Yesterday
Chapter 50369,114Yesterday
Chapter 49836,993Yesterday
Chapter 48257,989Yesterday
Chapter 47410,096Yesterday
Chapter 46794,688Yesterday
Chapter 45746,186Yesterday
Chapter 44976,306Yesterday
Chapter 43655,805Yesterday
Chapter 42577,541Yesterday
Chapter 41993,023Yesterday
Chapter 40148,480Yesterday
Chapter 39371,869Yesterday
Chapter 38517,616Yesterday
Chapter 37633,481Yesterday
Chapter 36886,012Yesterday
Chapter 35167,528Yesterday
Chapter 34166,536Yesterday
Chapter 33516,474Yesterday
Chapter 32866,622Yesterday
Chapter 31910,130Yesterday
Chapter 30581,994Yesterday
Chapter 29569,365Yesterday
Chapter 28738,862Yesterday
Chapter 27743,332Yesterday
Chapter 26394,680Yesterday
Chapter 25718,348Yesterday
Chapter 24550,302Yesterday
Chapter 23275,356Yesterday
Chapter 22930,792Yesterday
Chapter 21588,354Yesterday
Chapter 20268,540Yesterday
Chapter 19890,351Yesterday
Chapter 18885,592Yesterday
Chapter 17734,130Yesterday
Chapter 16538,105Yesterday
Chapter 15666,105Yesterday
Chapter 14306,136Yesterday
Chapter 135,539Yesterday
Chapter 12135,513Yesterday
Chapter 11938,121Yesterday
Chapter 10384,447Yesterday
Chapter 952,343Yesterday
Chapter 8118,387Yesterday
Chapter 7107,956Yesterday
Chapter 3528,675Yesterday
Chapter 2869,533Yesterday
Chapter 1406,374Yesterday

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