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The Way The Mage Faces Death CHAPTER LIST

The Way The Mage Faces Death summary:

For the past 300 years, Ente has fought against the dragon, Caliesto, as the reigning Magnus.When she finally slays her nemesis, she welcomes death with open arms, hoping to meet her beloved teacher in the afterlife.But instead of finally gaining the eternal rest she has long yearned for, she opens her eyes in the body of Melissa Tiony, the richest bachelorette in the empire.Ente realizes that her lifelong mission has yet to be fulfilled, as it is impossible for her to die so long as Caliesto still breathes.She must find a way to regain her magic and finish him once and for all, and the first step to doing so is attending the Academy of Magic in the city of Kastium.Ente sets out on another journey, hoping that this one will be her last.
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Chapter 71374,057Yesterday
Chapter 70885,201Yesterday
Chapter 69239,187Yesterday
Chapter 68719,102Yesterday
Chapter 67212,193Yesterday
Chapter 66920,170Yesterday
Chapter 65862,226Yesterday
Chapter 64943,736Yesterday
Chapter 63795,998Yesterday
Chapter 62902,813Yesterday
Chapter 61298,397Yesterday
Chapter 60914,767Yesterday
Chapter 59682,112Yesterday
Chapter 58486,207Yesterday
Chapter 57524,806Yesterday
Chapter 56355,516Yesterday
Chapter 54299,791Yesterday
Chapter 53114,679Yesterday
Chapter 52727,593Yesterday
Chapter 51500,384Yesterday
Chapter 50253,794Yesterday
Chapter 49992,405Yesterday
Chapter 48781,369Yesterday
Chapter 47365,145Yesterday
Chapter 46693,747Yesterday
Chapter 45436,220Yesterday
Chapter 44307,463Yesterday
Chapter 43967,020Yesterday
Chapter 42588,203Yesterday
Chapter 41265,862Yesterday
Chapter 40638,388Yesterday
Chapter 39593,868Yesterday
Chapter 38424,638Yesterday
Chapter 37474,294Yesterday
Chapter 36287,420Yesterday
Chapter 35752,297Yesterday
Chapter 34617,075Yesterday
Chapter 33576,196Yesterday
Chapter 32306,560Yesterday
Chapter 31509,848Yesterday
Chapter 30303,954Yesterday
Chapter 29465,821Yesterday
Chapter 28106,879Yesterday
Chapter 27950,886Yesterday
Chapter 26915,764Yesterday
Chapter 25989,427Yesterday
Chapter 24826,413Yesterday
Chapter 23316,870Yesterday
Chapter 22935,590Yesterday
Chapter 21334,326Yesterday
Chapter 20612,812Yesterday
Chapter 19579,537Yesterday
Chapter 18442,927Yesterday
Chapter 17881,822Yesterday
Chapter 1614,480Yesterday
Chapter 15462,739Yesterday
Chapter 14851,660Yesterday
Chapter 13382,229Yesterday
Chapter 129,214Yesterday
Chapter 11169,713Yesterday
Chapter 10796,056Yesterday
Chapter 977,374Yesterday
Chapter 8199,336Yesterday
Chapter 79,426Yesterday
Chapter 6283,656Yesterday
Chapter 5167,454Yesterday
Chapter 4877,785Yesterday
Chapter 3797,416Yesterday
Chapter 2315,875Yesterday
Chapter 1868,403Yesterday

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