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  • Tsuyoshi

    Alternative : TSUYOSHI The one who no one can win against ; TSUYOSHI 誰にも勝てない、アイツには

  • Author(s) : Maruyama Kyosuke
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jul-10-2024 09:07:11 AM
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  • Genres : Action, Adventure, Drama, Martial arts, Sports
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Tsuyoshi summary:

A super-powerful guy keeps defeating everyone around him, even though he doesn't like fighting.
Maybe coming in the next issue
Tsuyoshi Chapter 188
Tsuyoshi Chapter 189
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Vol.17 Chapter 181: Bbq100,6785 days ago
Vol.16 Chapter 171: Run798,9315 days ago
Vol.15 Chapter 162576,0795 days ago
Chapter 152: Hope330,2565 days ago
Chapter 151: Strong Man964,8085 days ago
Chapter 150: Injection825,0815 days ago
Chapter 149: Evidence819,9985 days ago
Vol.14 Chapter 145: Fear926,1515 days ago
Chapter 143: Aftertaste57,0285 days ago
Chapter 142: Evolution85,4825 days ago
Chapter 141: The Endpoint469,8005 days ago
Chapter 140: Stop415,1335 days ago
Chapter 139: Distracted597,4125 days ago
Chapter 138: Image211,1355 days ago
Chapter 137: Oniwaban591,4765 days ago
Chapter 136814,6305 days ago
Chapter 135746,2825 days ago
Chapter 134: The Weakest609,6255 days ago
Vol.12 Chapter 133256,1255 days ago
Vol.12 Chapter 132614,7315 days ago
Vol.12 Chapter 131631,6865 days ago
Vol.12 Chapter 130100,0215 days ago
Vol.12 Chapter 129429,3525 days ago
Vol.12 Chapter 128941,3015 days ago
Vol.12 Chapter 127727,4465 days ago
Vol.12 Chapter 126937,0735 days ago
Vol.12 Chapter 12536,2965 days ago
Vol.12 Chapter 124197,3985 days ago
Vol.12 Chapter 12322,1385 days ago
Vol.12 Chapter 122701,5475 days ago
Vol.12 Chapter 121506,6415 days ago
Vol.11 Chapter 119: 100%889,0375 days ago
Chapter 117: Ear67,9225 days ago
Vol.11 Chapter 113: Hit585,5675 days ago
Vol.10 Chapter 108: Abyss999,7375 days ago
Vol.10 Chapter 105: Sigh239,1635 days ago
Vol.10 Chapter 101: Free378,6605 days ago
Vol.9 Chapter 96: Bond797,5335 days ago
Vol.9 Chapter 95: Promise586,7835 days ago
Vol.8 Chapter 86: Earth299,4595 days ago
Vol.8 Chapter 84: Mastery632,3915 days ago
Vol.8 Chapter 80: Mission134,9405 days ago
Vol.8 Chapter 79: Advice894,3775 days ago
Vol.8 Chapter 78: Mask38,6355 days ago
Vol.8 Chapter 76: Failure373,9915 days ago
Vol.7 Chapter 73: Why637,8445 days ago
Vol.7 Chapter 69: Ideal158,5285 days ago
Vol.7 Chapter 68: Density703,8215 days ago
Vol.7 Chapter 66: Fighter658,0805 days ago
Vol.7 Chapter 65: Apology975,1995 days ago
Chapter 64204,0585 days ago
Chapter 63831,1405 days ago
Chapter 6252,8315 days ago
Chapter 61846,4965 days ago
Chapter 60722,3285 days ago
Chapter 59957,7685 days ago
Chapter 58770,3395 days ago
Chapter 57714,3155 days ago
Vol.6 Chapter 56: Dokkun685,8605 days ago
Vol.5 Chapter 51: Escape345,0925 days ago
Chapter 47: Actual Combat896,2835 days ago
Chapter 46: Unconsciously231,9785 days ago
Vol.5 Chapter 43: Cheers502,7915 days ago
Chapter 39: Suddenly787,8345 days ago
Vol.4 Chapter 36: Crush896,9025 days ago
Vol.4 Chapter 34585,0045 days ago
Vol.4 Chapter 33372,9455 days ago
Chapter 32842,2705 days ago
Vol.4 Chapter 31: Uwoooo693,2715 days ago
Vol.4 Chapter 30644,5505 days ago
Chapter 29: Zukyuun494,9485 days ago
Vol.4 Chapter 27: Enraged156,4215 days ago
Vol.3 Chapter 26: Choice661,8595 days ago
Vol.3 Chapter 25: Upright625,8205 days ago
Vol.3 Chapter 24: Limit126,0735 days ago
Vol.3 Chapter 22: Sanchin554,4435 days ago
Vol.3 Chapter 20: Friends855,7465 days ago
Chapter 19662,6815 days ago
Vol.2 Chapter 17: Ki70,3375 days ago
Vol.2 Chapter 16: Shura610,3465 days ago
Vol.2 Chapter 13: Scream377,6675 days ago
Vol.2 Chapter 12: Madness797,8185 days ago
Chapter 7: World Scale967,1265 days ago
Chapter 5: Secret560,2175 days ago
Chapter 4: Efforts789,3475 days ago
Chapter 3: Followed386,3855 days ago
Chapter 2: Standoff16,0245 days ago

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