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Ui X Kon summary:

Two people who met for the first time today. Should we have the "world's best wedding" 3 years later…!? The Nanami High School that Ui enters is a special school where girls and boys spend their dorm life in a shared room, aiming for the world's best wedding! Kon, the guy chosen as Ui's partner by the super accurate matching system, is an ever so slightly malicious guy…!?
Maybe coming in the next issue
Ui X Kon Chapter 45
Ui X Kon Chapter 46
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Vol.11 Chapter 44.5118,7652 weeks ago
Vol.11 Chapter 44122,4092 weeks ago
Chapter 43882,1702 weeks ago
Vol.11 Chapter 42999,4992 weeks ago
Vol.11 Chapter 41610,0032 weeks ago
Vol.10 Chapter 40534,9522 weeks ago
Vol.10 Chapter 3967,9842 weeks ago
Vol.10 Chapter 38710,6302 weeks ago
Vol.10 Chapter 37879,9002 weeks ago
Vol.9 Chapter 36316,0412 weeks ago
Vol.9 Chapter 35137,6702 weeks ago
Vol.9 Chapter 34106,7982 weeks ago
Vol.9 Chapter 33129,1502 weeks ago
Vol.8 Chapter 32.5591,6912 weeks ago
Vol.8 Chapter 32304,9852 weeks ago
Vol.8 Chapter 31889,3202 weeks ago
Vol.8 Chapter 30233,9892 weeks ago
Vol.5 Chapter 29429,6262 weeks ago
Chapter 27604,0512 weeks ago
Chapter 26287,5102 weeks ago
Vol.7 Chapter 2598,2582 weeks ago
Vol.6 Chapter 24430,2862 weeks ago
Vol.6 Chapter 23419,1832 weeks ago
Vol.6 Chapter 22431,3992 weeks ago
Vol.6 Chapter 2176,5842 weeks ago
Vol.5 Chapter 20195,1422 weeks ago
Chapter 19914,1452 weeks ago
Vol.5 Chapter 18413,0122 weeks ago
Vol.5 Chapter 17207,4132 weeks ago
Vol.4 Chapter 16513,4922 weeks ago
Vol.4 Chapter 15137,3572 weeks ago
Vol.4 Chapter 14510,8032 weeks ago
Vol.4 Chapter 13323,3142 weeks ago
Vol.3 Chapter 12365,2612 weeks ago
Vol.3 Chapter 11984,3622 weeks ago
Vol.3 Chapter 10316,4342 weeks ago
Vol.3 Chapter 9457,9042 weeks ago
Vol.2 Chapter 8977,3982 weeks ago
Vol.2 Chapter 7838,6262 weeks ago
Vol.2 Chapter 6486,5132 weeks ago
Vol.2 Chapter 5665,8442 weeks ago
Vol.1 Chapter 4251,5702 weeks ago
Vol.1 Chapter 3735,7132 weeks ago
Vol.1 Chapter 2215,3902 weeks ago
Vol.1 Chapter 1717,2962 weeks ago

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