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Worst Gaiden Mr. Zetton CHAPTER LIST

Worst Gaiden Mr. Zetton summary:

After years of studying, Hanazawa Saburou, AKA Suzuran's legendary Zetton, has finally become a high school teacher. But on his first day at work, the principal tells him he was actually hired not to teach, but to make the students of his homeroom class drop out of school?!
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Vol.13 Chapter 50: Traffic646,6472 weeks ago
Vol.13 Chapter 49: Creed141,6262 weeks ago
Vol.13 Chapter 48: Rocky895,9762 weeks ago
Vol.12 Chapter 45: Spectre274,4792 weeks ago
Chapter 42: All Is Vanity612,5842 weeks ago
Vol.9 Chapter 34: Predator882,0422 weeks ago
Chapter 31: Fight Club786,3132 weeks ago
Vol.8 Chapter 30: Nostalgia540,8672 weeks ago
Vol.8 Chapter 28: Face/off730,9522 weeks ago
Vol.7 Chapter 27: The Raid671,7642 weeks ago
Vol.7 Chapter 26: Sparkler130,1712 weeks ago
Chapter 24: The Negotiator513,5902 weeks ago
Chapter 11399,8492 weeks ago
Chapter 8: The Lost Boys194,1552 weeks ago
Chapter 7: A Silent Voice423,5452 weeks ago
Chapter 6: The Hangover215,4162 weeks ago
Chapter 5: Driver's High254,9152 weeks ago
Chapter 4: Drunken Master502,6852 weeks ago

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